Manejo de epifitias del Virus de la mancha anular de la papaya utilizando barreras de Zea mays L. en Carica papaya L. []. Cabrera, D., Universidad Central. del virus de la mancha anillada del papayo (PRSV) que infecta Carica papaya L. en El virus de la mancha anular de la papaya (Papaya Ringspot Potyvirus. Epiphyte management of Papaya ringspot virus using Zea mays L. barriers in Carica papaya L. Rev. Protección Veg. [online]. , vol, n.2, pp.

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Exposure to foreign strains of the virus is a serious risk, as Rainbow papayas have been shown to be susceptible to PRSV from Guam, Taiwan and Thailand. PRSV encodes a single large protein which is subsequently cleaved into smaller proteins with several functions Gonsalves et al.

Papaya exhibits yellowing, leaf distortion, and severe mosaic. Characteristics, pathogenicity, sequence variability and control”.

Papaya ringspot virus

Broad-spectrum resistance to different geographic strains of Papaya ringspot virus in coat protein gene transgenic papaya. Aphids are the predominant means by which PRSV is transmitted. Compendium of tropical fruit disease. The size of the fruit can weigh between g and 10 kg.

Inhibidor viral para el control del Virus de la mancha anular (PRSV) en Carica papaya L.

The virus was introduced to Oahu as early as APS Press,p. Even low levels of seed transmission for PRSV can have a great impact since the disease can spread very quickly papzya can play an important role in the epidemiology and control of PRSV Olarte Castillo et al. Commercial development and regulatory and environmental issues. Symptoms are typical of viral diseases. The genomic distances for each pair of isolates were estimated by the method of two parameters used by Kimura Kimura, The association of a plant virus with lw provides a convenient means for virus survival and facilitates movement of the virus, including human intervention with harvesting and transporting seeds for subsequent cropping.


Japan had been resistant to approve GMO papaya ee its introduction in However, inoculation of the mild strain also caused pathogenesis on the papaya plants.

This type infects papaya and several members of the melon family Cucurbitaceae. Papaya disease caused by viruses In: Description of Plant VirusesWarwick, n. amncha

English pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail. An agent for the inhibition and control of plant viruses. The number of non-synonymous substitutions dN was 0. Papaya Carica papaya L. This confirmed the information reported by Seeds Caribbean about the agronomic parameters of cv. Undoubtedly, a reduction of the symptoms caused by this virus, allowed chloroplasts to function better, reducing losses in yield and chlorophyll content, according to some potyvirus information Cabrera et al.

This understanding is crucial for the design lapaya strategies for viral control Moreno et al. Generation of transgenic papaya with double resistance to Papaya ringspot virus and Papaya leaf-distortion mosaic virus.


To reinforce the mechanical inoculation, plants were reinoculated using five aphids Myzus persicae per plant, previously fed on diseased papaya plants Bau et al, ; Cruz, Transmission by seed can be significant in the spread of a virus Simmons et al. The virus disease incidence was determined by calculating the symptomatic plants from the total plants sampled each treatment. Assessment of Cuban papaya Carica papaya L. These results suggest a greater evolutionary dynamic for the PRSV isolates from Campo Hermoso due to nucleotide substitutions.

The presence of recombinations in PRSV provides an understanding of its molecular evolution and help in the study of the characteristics such as the specificity of the host, geographical distribution and emergence as new epidemics Mangrauthia et al. An exact nonparametric method for inferring mosaic structure in sequence triplets. The Plant Health Instructor. Filiform leaves and fruits with presence of oily spots on stems and petioles; 3.

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