Authors. Alasdair MacIntyre. University of Notre Dame. Follow. Abstract. This is the text of The Lindley Lecture for , given by Alasdair Maclntyre, a Scottish. the nature of a more sophisticated patriotism comes from Scottish philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre, in an essay titled “Is Patriotism a Virtue?”. Patriotism raises questions of the sort philosophers characteristically discuss: How is patriotism to be defined? How is it related to similar.

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What weight do you give to the concern that if we continue with our historically short-sighted individualistic ways we certainly will not be able to meet the global ecological and economic catastrophes that our world is presently suffering from? One may derive significant psychological benefit from membership in and identification with a society or polity: Really it seems that only more and more authoritarian regimes will be able to meet these urgent demands, and isolated individuals or small communities will have no way to respond to them but to comply.

In Defence of Nationality. The same moral value, sympathy for and assistance to people in need, grounds a certain degree of concern for others as a general moral duty and explains why a significantly higher degree of such concern is a moral ideal.

It is rather a common enterprise that produces and distributes a wide range of benefits. Even if his communitarian conception of morality were correct and even if the process of moral development ensured that group loyalty would emerge as a central virtue, no conclusion would follow about the importance of patriotism. On the liberal view, where and from whom I learn the principles of morality is just as irrelevant to their contents and to my commitment to them, as where and from whom I learn the principles of mathematics is irrelevant to their contents and my adherence to them.


This suggests that patriotism can be judged from the standpoint of ethics of belief — a set of norms for evaluating our beliefs and other doxastic states. As Richard Dagger puts it: So the question then becomes whether being American, Norwegian, or belonging to any other sort of group or practice, is ultimately good for us or bad when measured against ends defined by our humanity.

Therefore the definition needs to include such concern. If she were to deny that citizens generally have such an obligation, would that betray lack of understanding of what citizenship in the relevant sense is?

Patriotism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Academic Tools How to cite this entry. James Gaffney – – Philosophy and Theology 8 2: It is the second that is at issue.

After all they are not only your values, but lurk as unrealized potential in all mankind. For Aristotle, what is good for human beings are certain end-states toward which we naturally tend.

Debating the Limits of PatriotismBoston: If not a duty, is patriotism morally valuable? But the objection is pertinent, and has considerable force, when brought ,acintyre against the type of patriotism advocated by MacIntyre.


And of course, most cases are as extreme as this: Reprinted with a postscript in Primoratz ed. Some go further, and argue that patriotism is morally mandatory, or even that it is the core of morality. The rules that regulate the cooperation and determine the distribution of burdens and benefits enjoin, among other things, special concern for the well-being of compatriots which is not due to outsiders.

But in accepting benefits from his association with the wrongdoers, he may be seen as underwriting those wrongs and joining the class of those properly blamed.


But in the course of the 20 th century nationalism was deeply compromised. In particular, citizens have an maccintyre to each other to participate fully in public life and an obligation to give priority to the needs of fellow citizens.

They may give me dispositions that are at odds with my humanity and hence my happiness. Institutions and traditions and culture patrioyism better or worse are the grounds for self. But when a country is not ethnically homogeneous, or when a nation lacks a country of its own, the two may part ways. The group to which our primary loyalty would be owed would be the group from which we had patrioyism our moral understanding.

Alasdair MacIntyre, Is patriotism a virtue? – PhilPapers

Many authors use the two terms interchangeably. These end-states perfect or fully actualize some set of dispositions, some potentiality. Wait what does that even have to do with anything I wrote? George Orwell contrasted the two in terms of aggressive vs.

Philosophical and Political PerspectivesAldershot: Failing to show that concern, however, cannot be unfair — except on the question-begging assumption that, in addition to state law, cooperation on this scale is also based on, and regulated by, a moral rule enjoining special concern for the well-being of the country and compatriots.

Unlike informal cooperation among tenants in a building, for instance, cooperation on the scale of a country is regulated by a set of laws. The fatherland is the constitution, to which we give life.

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