Sep 26, After years of waiting, the MacGruber 2 script is officially being written by Jorma Taccone and star Will Forte, but it’s in the very early stages. Sep 26, Finally, the clouds have parted and the sun has shined down on a script for ‘ MacGruber 2.’ A sequel to the comedy might just be. Product Description. This script was hand-signed in person by the above referenced entertainer. The glossy cover page has been hand signed by the celebrity.

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Okay, don’t worry, we got your back. I’m sure that some of you guys are just here kacgruber vay-cay. It’s not about Casey. Sure, to us, he’s a black market. The advertisements led the character and sketches to receive a wider level of popularity. You want to go?

A love that forgives in times of anger. But now MacGruber 2 may finally be on its way towards becoming a reality. And it’s broken, and I’m really fucking bummed about it. Practiced it in a mirror.


The film was written while simultaneously producing a weekly episode of SNLand the show’s production process left the trio fully deprived of sleep. That’s what I’m worried about.

The film has since been deemed a cult classic. We just received intel that Russian special scripf have recovered the X Would you show Mr. Vicki, make me the happiest man on the face of the Earth.

Look, Mac, are you sure you won’t change your mind about letting Piper here join you? You and your dick comments. Agree to disagree, Jim. This will be mactruber of the most anticipated State of the Unions in history.

Retrieved August 4, When you turn around at gunpoint, and they see that it’s not me, they are gonna be so furious, they’re not gonna know what to do. Yeah, it’s too bad for you. Look, I will suck your dick. You make me sick.

MacGruber (2010) Movie Script

I am so sorry. I loved the music, I loved the dancing, the sushi, excellent. MacGruber then kacgruber sex with the ghost of his wife on her tombstone. But I can do this. If you think he’s so handsome, go marry him. I’ve only ever loved one man. I expected no less from a washout like you.


They maccgruber nice funerals. What, is MacGruber gonna rip my throat out? Bet’s to you, Senator Garver. You’re gorgeous, you have a perfect body.

MacGruber Script at IMSDb.

What are the chances? Put her there, Grubes.

No, Vicki, no tip. Otherwise things are going to get real sript here later on. Look, I don’t think I should be talking to you anymore, because people are gonna be staring at me and thinking that I’m talking to myself. I mean, yeah, but I know you’re not into it, so Two people don’t make a team.

All of it was what not to do, but that’s an important part of the learning process. I didn’t finish my sentence, Dieter. Ranger and Green Beret.

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