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The Job List tab displays the list mankal jobs available and the job information. If you did not input the module serialbefore inserting the flash media a. This is a good pattern for testing.

If this option box is checked the MPR ignores an invalid file system. A snapshot of this icon is shown in the picture below. The user will also need to specify the name and location of the master image file. If any error, display it. This window lets the user to enable or disable this feature. Added duplicator Error information in the information menu Checked for the number of 2. No verify is executed. A screenshot of the Job Run tab is shown as below in Figure In the current cycle, 14 passed and 1 failed.

The text log files will now be copied to the USB drive. If you continue to hold the key down, you will inadvertently power up the system. Figure below shows the three log files saved on a USB drive manal Figure shows a snapshot of the server.


This deters computer hackers and anyone other than the recipient from reading, gaining access to or altering the data being transmitted. This is an often used function as the user may wish to make sure the MPR duplicator recognizes the USB devices correctly before starting the copy or any operation.

Nortel M Meridian Manuals

Mankal size of the Target drives must equal the size of the source. We have detected that you are running an outdated browser with security vulnerabilities.

Why is it important to upgrade your browser? Figure Module Serial Number 7. If the source is a Formula, the formula needs to be specified to generate the serial numbers in the desired pattern.

The Job Run tab displays the run time information of the job. For successful duplication, all USB manial should be the same manufacturer and model and all flash memory devices Master and Copy drives should be from the same manufacturer and be of the same type and size if possible, purchased in trays.


Upon completion, the display will read as below. The user can use the entire master device or a specific part of the master device to create the image file. LUN1 will automatically be the sized with the remaining capacity if the value 0 is not changed.


Figure M Keypad The following keys are available on the MPR keypad and their functions are described below.

Aastra Meridian M5208 User Manual

The data used is generated by the MPR. The Pattern Type choice list is enabled. The eight digit 32bit transmission CRC of the data source.

Click ok to run the job or Click cancel to change the duplicate serial. If there are multiple failures, press the DOWN arrow to see the error messages for each of the failing device. Perform a quick format of the target drives No erase before formatting ESC Abort a job in progress or leave the current function to return to the top menu. Upon completion, the display will go back to the main menu and read as follows.

The log viewer shows two tables — one for the job information and the other for the slot information. For example, if the Source is a small binary image file being copied onto large devices, all of the target device sizes will be checked to make sure they are all the same size.

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