Das postmoderne Wissen by Jean-Francois Lyotard, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Das postmoderne Wissen. Ein Bericht. Jean-François Lyotard. Table of Contents. Is this table of contents incomplete? Click here to add the missing references. Das postmoderne Wissen by Jean-François Lyotard at – ISBN 10 : – ISBN – Passagen Verlag Ges.

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This explains, in both cases, why the sublime is an experience of pleasure as well as pain.

Das postmoderne Wissen | Lyotard Jean-François

The language game of human passions, qualities and faults c. Les Editions de Minuit. Postomderne developed these pstmoderne in particular by discussing the sublime. The Challenge of the Postmodern Age p. A Report on Knowledgehe proposes what he calls an extreme simplification of the “postmodern” as an ‘incredulity towards meta-narratives’. But universals are impermissible in a world that has lost faith in metanarratives, and so it would seem that ethics is impossible.

Jean-François Lyotard – Wikipedia

I can conclude only by suggesting that this work, despite the formidable poetmoderne inherent to its carefully articulated arguments, offers readers a rich formulation of precise questions for and about the current period of critical transition and re-opening in philosophy, ethics and aesthetics.

A differend depends upon a distinction drawn between groups that itself depends upon the heterogeneity of language games and wiswen of discourse. Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: Even George Van Den Abbeele’s excellent translation, complete with a glossary of French terms not available in the original text Paris: Since Faurisson will accept no evidence for the existence of gas lyotagd, except the testimony of actual victims, he will conclude from both possibilities gas chambers existed and gas chambers did not exist that gas chambers did not exist.


The meaning of a phrase—an event something happens –cannot be fixed by appealing to reality what actually happened. In it, widsen states: Lyotard’s work is characterised by a persistent opposition to universalsmeta-narrativesand generality.

Lyotard notes that it is based on mapping of society according to the concept of the language games.

Das postmoderne Wissen

We know it’s a mountain but we cannot take the whole postmodernw into our perception. As metanarratives fade, science suffers a loss of faith in its search for truthand therefore must find other ways of legitimating its efforts.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: Worse, he is then only in a position to testify to that injustice, rather than put forward a just and rational resolution.

Lyotard saw postmodernism as a latent tendency within thought throughout time and not a narrowly limited historical period. Therefore, the phrase event remains indeterminate.

According to his La Condition postmoderne: Retrieved from ” https: Writings on Contemporary Art and Artists 7 volumes ed. Ethical behaviour is about remaining alert precisely to the threat of this injustice, about paying attention to things in their particularity and not enclosing them within abstract conceptuality. His writings in postmodfrne period mostly concern with ultra-left politicswith a focus on the Algerian situation—which he witnessed first-hand while teaching philosophy in Constantine.

Underlying any different there is a multiplicity of further differences; some of these will involve crossing the first divide, others will question the integrity of the groups that were originally separated. Posymoderne Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. University of Paris B. This presents a double bind. From the point of view of deconstruction, Lyotard’s philosophy gives too much credit to illegitimate categories and groups.


In more than one book, Lyotard promoted what he called paganism and contrasted it with both the rejection of the pagan gods in Book II of Plato ‘s The Republic and the monotheism of Judaism. Key Themes and ThinkersBlackwell Publishing, p. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Jean-Francois Lyotard. He is fiercely critical of many of the ‘universalist’ claims of the Enlightenmentand several of his works serve to undermine the fundamental principles that generate these broad claims.

Writing the EventManchester: Rapport sur le savoir The Postmodern Condition: A Survey of Modern Social Theory. Lyotard’s paganism was also feminist because he argued that women, like paganism, are antirational and antiphilosophical. It is not possible repetitively to lend an ear to the sublime without falling into despair due to its fleeting nature.

Lyotard develops this view of language by defining “reality” in an original way, as a complex of possible senses attached to a referent through a name.

Lyotard claims that this is due to libidinal energy.

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