The First London Baptist Confession of. / Published in The Text used: There has been some updating of Old English words – but otherwise no. The First London Baptist Confession of / Published in The Text used: There has been some updating of Old English words – but otherwise no. By Dustin Bruce. During a recent reading of David Bebbington’s Baptists Through the Centuries, his mention of a scholarly dispute regarding.

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In the following year Parliament passed a Toleration Act, which lifted the penalties which had oppressed Protestant nonconformity for so long.

Calvinism and the London Baptist Confession of 1644 (Part 2)

The supreme Magistracy of this Kingdom we believe to be the King and Parliament freely chosen by the Kingdom, and that in all those civil Laws which have been acted by them, or for the present is or shall be ordained, we are bound to yield subjection and obedience unto in the Lord, as conceiving ourselves bound to defend both the persons of those thus chosen, and all civil Laws made by them, with our persons, liberties, and estates, with all that is called ours, although we should suffer never so much from them in not actively submitting to some Ecclesiastical Laws, which might be conceived by them to be their duties to establish which we for the present could not see, nor our consciences could submit unto; yet are we bound to yield our persons to their pleasures.

In the church at Abergavenny was rebuked by the Welsh Association for tolerating such opinions.

As we commemorate the period of over years that this great statement of faith has served the churches, let us remember the words of C. In it was joined by another edition in modern English published by Carey publications.

That God the Father, and Son, and Spirit, is one with 97 all believers in their 98 fullness, in 99 relations, as head and members, as house and inhabitants, as husband and wife, one with him, as light and love, and one with him in his inheritance, and in all his glory; and that all believers by virtue of this union and oneness with God, are the adopted sons of God, and heirs with Christ, co-heirs and joint heirs with him of the inheritance of all the promises of this life, and that which is to come.

That also such to whom God hath given gifts, being tried in the Church, may and ought by the appointment of the Congregation, to prophesy, according to the proportion of faith, and so teach publicly the Word of God, for the edification, exhortation, and comfort of the Church.

And although the particular congregation be distinct and several bodies, every one a compact and knit city in itself; yet are they all to walk by one and the same Rule, and by all means convenient to have the counsel and help kf of another in all needful affairs of the church, as members of one body in the common faith under Christ their only Head.

They were however the objects of considerable suspicion. The revised confession or Declaration of Faith and Order as it ocnfession to be called was unanimously approved by the whole Synod which adjourned on 12 th October after 12 working days.


Since the first London Particular Baptist Church, located in Wapping emerged from Separatist Independency, it is not surprising to find the doctrinal roots of the Confession in Separatism. All which Charges we disclaim as notoriously untrue, though by reason of these calumnies cast upon us, many that fear God are discouraged and forestalled in harboring a good thought, either of us or what we profess; and many that know not God encouraged, if they can find the place of our meeting, to get together in Clusters to stone us, as looking upon us as bptist people holding such things, as that we are not worthy bsptist live: That God is 1 of Himself, that is, neither from londno, nor of another, nor by another, nor for another: In the s he was preaching in the south-east but in returned to the West where he continued to itinerate with tremendous zeal.

I imagine very few. That God is 4 of himself, that is, neither from another, nor of another, nor by another, nor for another: Both of these statements are taken from the Separatist Confession of with minor verbal differences.

Nonconformists then faced over a quarter of a century of persecution which varied in intensity from time to time and from place to place. And if God should provide such a mercy for us, as to incline the magistrates hearts so far to tender our consciences, as that we might be protected by them from wrong, injury, oppression and molestation, which long we formerly have bbaptist under by the tyranny and oppression baptisst the Prelatical Hierarchy, which God through mercy has made this present King and Parliament wonderful honorable; as an instrument is His hand, to throw down; and we thereby have had lonron breathing time, we shall, we hope, look at it as a mercy beyond our expectation, and conceive ourselves further engaged for ever to bless God for it.


Their system was proposed to Parliament. Remember how the foolish man blasphemeth Thee daily. That faith is the gift of God wrought in the hearts of the elect by the Spirit of God, whereby they come to see, know, and believe the truth of the Scriptures, and not only so, but the excellency of them bapist all other writing and things in the world, as they hold forth the glory of God in His attributes, the excellency of Christ in His nature and offices, and the power of the fullness of the Spirit in His workings and operations; and thereupon are enabled to cast the weight of their souls upon this truth thus believed.

The persons designed by Christ, to dispense this ordinance, the Scriptures bapgist forth to a preaching Disciple, it being no where tied to a particular church, officer, or person extraordinarily sent, the commission enjoining the administration, being given to them under no other consideration, but as lonron Disciples.

London Baptist Confession of

But being it is not only us, but the truth professed by us, we cannot, we dare not but speak; it is no strange thing to any observing man, what sad charges are laid, not only by the world, that know not God, but also by those that think themselves much wronged, if they be not looked upon as the chief Worthies of the Church of God, and Watchmen of the City: The bitter years of persecution had taught the churches some lessons.

In recent years there have been suggestions that the First London Confession differs from the Second Confession in its teaching on the Law of God.


As a result five London ministers including William Kiffin and Nehemiah Coxe travelled to meet Collier at Southwick near Trowbridge where he was then living. To this Church he hath made his promises, and given the signs of his Covenant, presence, love, blessing, and protection: Surprisingly in view of these omissions there is a reference to the covenant of works in that chapter on the Gospel taken from Savoy but not found in the Westminster. Surely, if ever people had cause to speak for the vindication of the truth of Christ in their hands, we have, that being indeed the main wheel at this time that sets us awork; for had anything by men been transacted against our persons only, we could quietly have sitten still, and committed our Cause to him who is a righteous Judge, who will in the great day judge the secrets of all men’s hearts by Jesus Christ: And finally, all men so to be confessiob and regarded, as is due and meet for their place, age, estate and condition.

As likewise for the taking off those aspersions which are frequently both in Pulpit and Print, although unjustly cast upon them. All believers through the knowledge of 1 that justification of life given by the Confsesion, and brought forth by the blood of Christ, have this as their great privilege of that New 2 Covenant, peace with God, and reconciliation, whereby they that were afar off, were brought nigh by 3 that blood, and have as the Scripture speaks peace 4 passing all understanding, yes, joy in God, through our Lord Jesus Christ, by 5 whom we have received the Atonement.

How many of the unchurched know about these programs of fo denomination?

Earlier in the lonon the Broadmead Church, Bristol lost a quarter of its members to the Quakers. Arise, O God, plead mine own cause.

The Particular Baptists and Calvinism brought growth for the Particular Baptists as they more clearly defined the doctrinal standards in their if statement. Southern Baptists need to clearly see the historical value of their Protestant faith and its theological stances.

These Irish Articles appear to have been consulted in the deliberations of the Westminster Assembly. That God hath 11 decreed in himself from everlasting touching all things, effectually to work and dispose them 12 according to the counsel of his own will, to the glory of his Name; in which decree appeareth his wisdom, constancy, truth, and faithfulness; 13 Wisdom is that whereby he contrives all things; 14 Conffssion is that whereby the decree of God remains always immutable; 15 Truth is that whereby he declares that alone which he hath decreed, and though his sayings may seem to sound sometimes another thing, yet the sense of them doth always agree with the decree; 16 Faithfulness is that whereby he effects that he hath decreed, as he hath decreed.

It was also the first of the Baptist confessions to insist on immersion as the correct mode and so reflected a recent innovation in English Baptist practice. Calamy, Seaman, Marshall and Vine, but they were not able to modify the statement on the decree.

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