Within a year, Lolly Willowes had become the talk of the town. Today, Townsend Warner holds her place in this series as a proto-feminist who is. Sylvia Townsend Warner’s novel Lolly Willowes is an act of defiance that gladdens the soul. Put simply, it’s the story of a woman who. Sylvia Townsend Warner’s first novel (published in ) begins with year-old Lolly Willowes being sent, “as if she were a piece of family.

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Such was the way of the world in the s, when Sylvia Townsend Warner told her story.

There’s a tool of online fanfiction known more so by Mary Sue and less so by Gary Stu that, in short, makes deus ex machina a character williwes. It was published anonymously at the local press, and fell quite flat. Jun 08, Pages. This leads her to purchase a guidebook for The Chilterns, where she first learns of the existence of the village of Great Mop.

Sylvia Townsend Warner’s Lolly Willowes is ‘a great shout of life’

Starting as a straightforward, albeit beautifully written family saga, it tips suddenly into extraordinary, lucid wildness. Titus’s renewed social and domestic reliance on Laura make her feel frustrated that even living in the Chilterns she cannot escape the duties expected of women. Today, Townsend Warner holds her place in this series as a proto-feminist who is also a major minor classic. Laura “Lolly” Willowes is a twentysomething middle-class Englishwoman who, on the death of her father, at first becomes a conventional maiden aunt living with her brother in London.

But blood was scarlet as ever, and she believed that, however despairing her disapproval, that blood was being shed for her. Lolly could bring the little walnut bureau with the false handles on one side and the top that jumped up when you touched the spring by the ink-well. It struck me so hard that I almost wept.


I’m sure this will appeal to others despite my lackluster words, for not all have my difficult standards when it comes to paroxysms of insatiable glee.

The wind and the moon and the ranging cloud pack were not the only hunters abroad that night: Fiery down covered his cheeks, his eyes were small and truculent, and he lived in a small surprised cottage near the church.

The amusement she had drawn from their disapproval was a slavish remnant, a derisive dance on the north of the Ohio. Or perhaps Townsend Warner wanted to suggest that there’s really not much difference. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

It completely blindsided me: The war had liberated millions of women Townsend Warner had lollyy in a munitions factory and wiped out a generation of young men. Though sometimes disturbed by strange noises at night, she settles in and befriends her landlady and a poultry farmer. This is the witty, eerie, tender but firm life history of a middle-class Englishwoman who willwoes declines to make the expected connection with the opposite sex and becomes a witch instead.

Order by newest oldest recommendations. Day by day the spirit of the place withdrew itself further from her…. Lolly finds a baby kitten; or the kitten finds her. Aug 02, Kay rated it it was amazing Shelves: She is remembered as a writer of historical novels, but her novels are written with such extraordinary immediacy that they stretch the possibilities of long-disparaged genera and blur the distinction between historical fiction and serious literature….


It is the story of a middle-aged spinster who moves to a country village to escape her controlling relatives and takes up the practice of witchcraft.

Dec 14, Kris rated it it was amazing Shelves: Still, there she was, and Henry was right—they had been the proper people to make a home for Laura when her father died, and she was willodes old now to begin living by herself. It’s not much of an improvement.

Lolly Willowes – Wikipedia

Here was a new wwillowes to call her Aunt Lolly and find her as indispensable as did the last. The spent gusts left the beech-hangers throbbing like sea caverns through which the wave had passed; the fir plantation seemed to chant some never-ending willoes. A year after Mrs Dalloway No 50 in this seriesa startling literary voice with Bloomsbury connections appeared on the London scene with a highly original satire on postwar England.

Since he had come to Great Mop she had not been allowed to love in her own way. The ruddy young man and his Spartan mother grew pale, as if with fear, and Britannia’s scarlet cloak willowed on the waters bleached to a cocoa-ish pink. I see them, wives and sisters of respectable men, chapel members, and blacksmiths, and small farmers, and Puritans….

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