Warped Passages: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universe’s Hidden Dimensions is the debut non-fiction book by Lisa Randall, published in , about. Warped Passages has ratings and reviews. Manuel said: If you’re into Unfortunately, Lisa Randall’s Warped Passages is no better. Just like Hidden. WARPED PASSAGES Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universe’s Hidden Dimensions. By Lisa Randall. Illustrated. pp. Ecco/ HarperCollins.

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Dec 28, Cameron rated it it was ok. In comparison with unparalleled “The Cosmic Landscape” book, I had a really bad experience reading the current one.

We live in a three-dimensional pocket of higher dimensional space, also called branes. The first and last fourths of the book were really interesting and mostly about new theories in particle physics. The concepts are introduced in the first few chapters then don’t re-appear until the last few chapters.

In many places through the book she talks about the predictions being made and looks forward to the LHC results. As has been pointed out by several other reviewers, the phrase, “Feel free to skip this part” should never appear so many times in any kind of book. I also found it annoying for its frequent injection of self-promotion. Lists with This Book.

Warped Passages: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universe’s Hidden Dimensions by Lisa Randall

It definitely peaked by curiosity and I am intrigued pqssages learn more, but this is no “particle physics for dummies”. Even wall was tightly-closed-container,importat part is why mice had not smashed. This page liss last edited on 17 Julyat Randall’s treatise contains a glossary at the end, which had I read it in hardback I would passagew found earlier allowed me to better understand the language of this exciting science.

This symmetry was believed to hold for lisaa circumstances – it could have happened five times since you started reading this review and you would never be able to tell the difference!

The Standard Model of particle physics is the most successful scientific theory ever produced. Just like Hidden Reality, Warped Passages starts out well enough by explaining some basics about quantum physics but then very quickly snowballs into a mess of jargon and gobbledygook. It took me a while to read this volume because as I was trying to get from the tenth dimension to the eleventh, there were particles floating around in my Brane and, as I tried to string them together to make sense out of them, I hit Dark Matter and fell into a Black Hole.


Again, for myself these were neither offensive nor irritating, but not everyone may be as amused as I was by a few little left-leaning comments. Archived from the original on 4 July No new particles have been found; no missing or extra energy; nothing other than the Higgs Boson, which is actually part of the standard model.

Each chapter begins with a quote from a pop song. Comics do a better job with much less effort. You get out a stop watch, count for liea seconds, and calculate 10 drops.

Randall describes what to expect from the LHC. There are a lot of material which is unrelated or appears twice.

I’m still not certain, but I have a few guesses. Want to Read saving…. In higher dimensions, we’re just adding more coordinates; you might not be able to picture it, randaall you can still reason about it.

Warped Passages – Wikipedia

No one nows why this is. There may well be more. Published September 19th by Ecco first published Lisa Randall is one of my favorite scientists. The fifth dimension could be so warped that the number of dimensions you see would depend on where you are in the bulk. Of course the obligatory explanations of relativity, quantum mechanics and the standard model of fundamental particles and wraped, all de rigueur for any pop science tract, comprise the first half of the book.

But if ideas are lixa vector we need to know where it’s starting from, and Prof.

Warped Passages: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universe’s Hidden Dimensions

It is like a bead on a wire that can only move along one dime Is gravity weaker than other three forces? In any event, I found this a fascinating book.

I had great expectations when I started reading it, but it turns out the book is full of useless analogies and the narrative is overall inconsistent. And about those analogies, I cannot recall one of them tha I didn’t find this book as irritating as some others around here seem to have found it. In some ways the book is a victim of timing. The last couple chapters deal with theories of extra dimensions and how they might be perceived liisa detected.


Overall, I think the author and editor s did a great job in organizing the material for a readership of many interest levels. In CPT symmetry, as well as swapping matter for antimatter and left for right, the direction of time is reversed. One of the most boring and incoherent popular science book I’ve ever read. If you wanted to measure something at the plank scale, you’d need a massive amount of energy—so much, in fact, that long before you got there, this energy would collapse into a black hole, and then the very information you were looking for would be trapped behind the black hole’s event horizon, preventing you from ever seeing it.

One solution is to measure for a longer time period, such as seconds. Therefore our universe is located on a brane where only weak gravitational force is felt. Now that was a gigantic mistake! I can definitely, however, agree with the most common criticisms. It can be difficult to try and explain abstract theoretical physics concepts with just analogies and no equations, but Randall does a reasonably good job of describing the main points of interest and research in her field.

In this regard, she is most known for two papers: Related work demonstrates that this theory yields a very natural resolution to the hierarchy problem of particle physics the large ratio of the Planck and electroweak scales and furthermore, is compatible with unification of gauge couplings. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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