La Traviata. Giuseppe Verdi opera in 3 acts, 4 scenes libretto: Francesco Maria Piave after Alexander Dumas Jr. A1-Preludio. Prelude A room in Violetta’s house . La traviata, opera containing the Italian text, with an English translation, and the music of all the principal airs. [Libretto by Francesco Maria. Violetta ValĂ©ry knows that she will die soon, exhausted by her restless life as a courtesan. At a party she is introduced to Alfredo Germont, who has been.

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E dal soffio d’amor rigenerato scordo ne’ gaudi suoi tutto il passato. I want to go out. What joy, such as I have never known – loving, being loved! You must be there To comfort him.

Verdi: Traviata

Who will give me the courage to say it? He gives the letter to Alfredo, libretk tips him. What do you want? Seeing that the letter is from Violetta, Alfredo begins to tremble and is thunderstruck when he reads the contents.

But I have found you again. Flora makes Violetta sit beside her on the sofa.

Metropolitan Opera | La Traviata

He accuses her of bewitching his son, but she reminds him, with dignity, that she is a lady in her own house. Violetta is asleep on the bed; Annina, seated near the fireplace, is dozing. Alone, she looks at herself in the mirror and is shocked to see how pale she is.


Violetta invites everyone to go to the ballroom for dancing but is stricken with dizziness. Ah, you saw him? A carriage was waiting for her; they are on their way to Paris already.

Would a real love be a tragedy for me? Fearing that the Baron’s anger will lead him to challenge Alfredo to a duel, she gently asks Alfredo to leave. Amami, Alfredo, quant’io t’amo.

He is about to leave when she gives him a flower, telling him to return it when it has wilted, which will be the very next day. But I’m expecting him. All others come in from the ballroom flushed with dancing.

In addition, personal affairs in his home town limited his activities that spring, but after Rigoletto ‘ s success in Venice, an additional commission was offered by Brenna, the secretary of La Fenice.

The travkata had already read the novel and had begun to conceive of an opera based on the story. Lively masqueraders, Crazy young boys, Hail him, all of you, With music and song! I am simple and frank. Ma afflitto oltre ogni dire. ALL Why have you stopped here? Can you not see what tremendous, burning love I feel for him, I, who have no friends or family among the living? He has informed Alfredo of the sacrifice she has made for him and his sister; and that he is sending his son to see her as quickly as possible to ask for her forgiveness.


La Traviata

She sacrifices her love to rescue the family of her beloved. The doctor enters in time to help her get comfortable.

As Budden notes, it came to be Venice “that made an honest woman of Violetta” [13] when Verdi allowed a performance at the Teatro San Benedetto. Every word she speaks is a thunderbolt. But at last I have found you, if my hope has not been in vain.

Paris, the second half of XIXth century. She is at the party!

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