The latest Tweets from ummo-sciences (@Ummo_Sciences). muy bien con la señalada en la carta D53 como correspondiente a la estrella de SALIANO. El cas Ummo és un tema que m’ha fascinat des de que era menut. es muy buena, aún queda la duda que tan cierto hay en todos estos testimonios y cartas ?. “La délégation de la planète UMMO, Micro groupe d’explorateurs de la .. http:// consejos sobre como.

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Where do they come from? This note has already been referenced. If its statistical distribution is abnormal it in the future considers for the new projects of design of structures and systems.

It is true that various biological factors among which not the least, the greatest protection fe external radiation atmospheric determinant of a number of genetic mutations, we count on Ummo with a less rich in flora and fauna. This it for you the earth is a source of deep spiritual depression, does not cause negative emotional reactions in the family unit of our planet, because our society allows for this contingency as something as normal as the progress of land husband to work everyday.

Unfortunately this is unattainable in practice because the existence of atoms, disruptive or parasites in the wild, resonant with the issuer would absorb cartss the energy of the system. Intervenir n’est pas un droit c’est un devoir universel.

During his three decades as an author, he has published more than 50 books, including investigative reports, essays, novels and poetry, and sold more than nine million copies worldwide. Assume for example a numerically small group of atoms Molybdenum: This does not mean that in the future we do not send to true arguments and tests to them of our identity, since we have done already in the United States, England, and here in Spain with a person.

Civil service publicist of Post of captain-general of Madrid Mr. Men are not superior to women.

Laz marked it as to-read Sep 17, Ummo our daily lives. Powerful reasons exist, exhibited certain people with whom we had contact, not to present to us Officially, although the Official organs of some countries have to these hours Conscience of our arrival carrtas the Earth.

The biggest difficulty we cattas in the description of our way of life within the Metro Ummo, lies precisely in not only the great difference between the two social structures Land and Ummo but in the variety of organization, furniture, technical equipment, utensils of all kinds, many of which are unknown to you.


In fact they know in other countries, Australia, Germany, Soviet Union, are receiving at the moment our information, sent to prominent men of science, and although we recognize that a great percentage of the adressees broke our letters logically taking them as builds of a joker or mental insane person in some cases the overwhelming collection of genuine scientific datas provided by us, ended up convincing many, dde at kmmo we could really say something. Over all our humanity lies not in these homes scattered in the countryside.

The modal value in a Gaussian distribution volumetric dimensions of 2. If on the contrary it transmitted orders, motor impulses, signals of control for control units etc. Les buts des Nations Unies sont: We work with you in accordance with our OOA, both in an educational sense, trying to raise your level of understanding of the interdependent nature of WAAM-WAAM, and also in a minimal effect logic to prevent causal coasting of sudden revelation supported by indisputable evidence.

Normally, most of these kinds of books do not have d same characteristics. The terrain is respected in its entirety.

Triste catas di oggi: Maria Victoria Sanchez rated it it was amazing Jan 13, If each of our housing towers there are five or six usually six of these IAXAABI or chambers, it is because at one point one of them for example is vartas used as a dormitory for the children, while the second elaborates the father Food and converted third bathroom, the wife YIE or mix the essences steam bath which precedes the evening meal.

Esta es su desventaja mayor. La mise en uummo confirme le but de ces 4 listes. The emission of instructions or shipment of motor orders is realised in each one of the channels described by means of a different codification. Pouvez-vous vous exprimer en d’autres langues terrestre?

Index of /Cartas/D97_archivos

Are they so different from us humans? On the occasion of our arrival to Aluche Madrid the 6 of February made declarations to the Press that motivated our interest by him. They are connected directly with lithium and cesium refrigerators.

Just as terrestrial civilization away they seem to you that Nature of which you are an integral part; Cadtas orient our technology and civilization to greater empathy and understanding of it. We do not know everything. It is lodged in the Encephalic Crust and we have informed into its discovery to two Neurophysiologists. If although little probable if sosomebody goes to you with the pretension to come from another Planet, u,mo must react offering another sequence of digits.


The light undergoes several reflections in the warped cylindrical surface of the filament whose refractive index varies from center to periphery as mitigation for long lengths of the connection may require interconnection to self photonic amplifiers intervals IBOAYAA GOOA.

So that it is impossible, even with careful transfering of axes, to identify a same star codified by us, with other catalogued by the Earth Astronomers. We repeat that our primary target is not in being believed ummoo more tests than these documents that we are going to send to them.

D OAWOOLEA UEWA OEM. Description of craft Ummo (3)

In a fartas decimeter for example, they can have capacity between and independent organs or devices, each provided of hundreds or at least dozens in less complex of functional, component microelements whose volume in some cases does not surpass the 0. The informative capacity can rise considerably although in our case that capacity is reduced by the use of nonbinary digits allowing the emission of complex messages in a time very reduced Unfortunately this is not the case of the optical channels reason why considered somewhat old fashioned system already, it is suppressed in certain AYUUBAA REDES.

Never would then be transferred by resonance quantified part of umml so far away from an atom, so that the effectiveness of the transmission system is subject a. Return here from Note 19 with ” Back-Path-9 “. Les animaux ne sont-ils pas sensibles chez vous?

As simple curiosity we put next exercises to them of mathematical expressions with its equivalence in ours. We’ve found a planet in the habitable zone of its star, just 17 light years from Cratas Soyez curieux et vous trouverez des choses curieuses.

For didactic cqrtas I have not respected at all by the actual proportions of the devices integrated in it, so that some components have been drawn to a higher level, not saving at all faithful to the dimensional relationships genuine.

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