Dominici Gregis and the decree Lamentabili Sane Exitu of the Curia’s Holy Office. In order to ensure enforcement, the priest-scholar Umberto Benigni organized. Lamentabili Sane. 1K likes. With truly lamentable results, our age, casting aside all restraint in its search for the ultimate causes of things. PASCENDI DOMINICI GREGIS. ENCYCLICAL OF POPE PIUS X ON THE DOCTRINES OF THE MODERNISTS. To the Patriarchs, Primates, Archbishops.

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While He was exercising His ministry, Jesus did not speak with the object of teaching He was the Messiah, nor did His miracles tend to prove it. Therefore the religious sentimentwhich through the agency of vital immanence emerges from the lurking places of the subconsciousness, is the germ of all religion, and the explanation of everything that has been or ever will be in any religion.

This is their manner of putting the question: Second Lateran Council — A. The rules to be applied in this matter are those which have been laid down for science and faith, though in the latter case the question is one of objects while here we have one of ends.

Lamentabili Sane Exitu

The reply is that they argue from the character of the man, from his condition of life, from his education, from the circumstances under which the facts took place – in short, from criteria which, when one considers them well, are purely subjective.

The fourth Gospel exaggerated miracles not only in order that the extraordinary might stand out but also in order that it might become more suitable for showing forth the work and glory of the Word Incarnate.

Hence each has a separate field assigned to it: That we need to reevaluate our doctrines in light of modern scientific advances?

Either you believe the pseudo science of the Devil For on what ground, according to their theories, could falsity be lamentabill of any religion whatsoever? Fifth Lateran Council A. Other Modernists like George Tyrrell were targeted only indirectly. But the life of Christ is according to faith, and so, too, is the life of Christians.


No, truly, there is aane road which leads so directly and so quickly to Modernism as pride. But as faith has many shoots, and chief among them the Church, dogma, worship, the Books which we call “Sacred,” of these also we must know what is taught by the Modernists.

But these two will never make sentiment into anything but sentiment, nor deprive it of its characteristic which is to cause deception when the intelligence is not there to guide it; on the contrary, they but confirm and aggravate this characteristic, for the more intense sentiment is the more it is sentimental.

It was far from the mind of Christ to found a Church as a society that would continue on earth for a long course of centuries. Lately, the third canon, which lays down that the person of Christ has been disfigured by faith, requires that everything should be excluded, deeds and words and all else that is not in keeping with His character, circumstances and education, and with the place and time in which He lived.

Let us for a moment put the question: Modern Catholicism can be reconciled with true science only if it is transformed into a non-dogmatic Christianity; that is to say, into a broad and liberal Protestantism.

It is a dogma which the Christian conscience has derived from the notion of the Messias. It is impossible to reconcile the natural sense of the Gospel texts with the sense taught by our theologians concerning the conscience and the infallible knowledge of Jesus Christ. Truth is no more immutable than man himself, since it evolved with him, in him, and through him.

Lamentabili Sane – Papal Encyclicals

The Modernists would be speaking more clearly were they to affirm that the Sacraments are instituted solely to foster the faith – but this is condemned by the Council of Trent: What will then become of ecclesiastical authority, which can only be exercised by external acts?


Yes, these very Modernists who pose as Lamentabi,i of the Church, who puff out their cheeks when they speak of modern philosophy, and show such contempt for scholasticism, have embraced the one with all its false glamour because their ignorance of the other has left them without the means of being able to recognise confusion of thought, and to refute sophistry.

Those familiar with Loisy’s modernist writings will readily discern the connections of these areas with those publications. Saint Pius X, pray for me”. Now there are not two consciences in man, any more than there are two lives.

According to this teaching human reason is confined entirely within the field of phenomenathat is to say, to things that are perceptible to the senses, and in the manner in which they are perceptible; it has no right and no power to transgress these limits.

This done, he finishes his work by drawing up in its broad lines a history of the development of the facts. Thus, We have reached one of the principal points in the Modernists’ system, namely the origin and the nature of dogma.

Heterodox exegetes have expressed the true sense of the Scriptures more faithfully than Catholic exegetes. They are free from all blame who treat lightly the condemnations passed by the Sacred Congregation of the Index or by the Roman Congregations.

It is permissible to grant that the Christ of history is far inferior to the Christ Who is the object of faith. Scientific progress demands that the concepts of Christian doctrine concerning God, creation, revelation, the Person of the Incarnate Word, and Redemption be re-adjusted.

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