A little while after, as I was sitting by the side of Alice, whispering my adventure in her ear, Lady Montairy, to whom I had previously been. Lady Pokingham has 14 ratings and 0 reviews. An enticing collection of highly erotic and amusing adventures from the Victorian Era. The subject of these. Lady Pokingham (Victorian Erotic Classics Book 11) – Kindle edition by Author Anonymous. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or .

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I had pokkingham felt my husband’s long thin prick so well before, and James’s affair was so distended by the excess of lustful excitement that I was gorged to repletion, and yet felt that I wanted more, more, more! She covered me with kisses for a moment, and then lay quite still.

Lady Pokingham (The Pearl , Vol 1) by Evangeline Anthurium

Refresh and try again. Its movements were indeed heavenly, blissful. To prevent jealousy or any undue preference there was a deep box on a sideboard, where the refreshments stood; in this box were deposited slips of parchment, each bearing the name of one of the gentlemen present, and the ladies had each to draw for her partner in the first waltz, and the pas de deux lokingham it. I begged her to shove her fingers right up. A very few thrusts brought down my love juice again, and I also felt him shoot a tremendously warm flood of his essence into my longing cunt.

Don’t you wish me to read, Alice? The Exploits of a Young Don Juan.

The Pearl/Volume 5/Lady Pokingham, or They All Do It. – Wikisource, the free online library

How small and tight! William, not to gather up all as you ought to do? Imbued with exquisite beauty and a most beguiling eroticism, her passion for seduction created a life of intense bliss. At last all was over, and we retired to rest, pookingham did not rise till late next morning. Miss Birch was rather an indulgent schoolmistress, and only had to resort to personal punishment for very serious offenses, which she considered might materially affect the future character of her pupils, unless thoroughly cut out of them from the first.


The desire for a really good fuck had been consuming me for some days, and I could not resist the impulse, however immodest it might seem to him, of putting my hand upon his glorious engine of love, and directing it into love’s harbour myself. Llady an effort he slightly shifted himself, so as to remove her hand lower down on to the thigh, as he answered as gravely as possible feeling assured Alice could know nothing: A splendid mount covered with glossy black hair; the serrated vermilion lips of her cunny slightly parted, from which projected quite four inches a stiff fleshy clitoris as big as a man’s thumb.

You’re just in time for a most important ceremony.

You will also find a fine lock of dark brown hair, which I have cut from the abundant chevelure of my Mons Veneris; other friends and relatives may have the admired curls from my head, your memento is cut from the sacred spot of love. Confessions of Lady Beatrice. I pokinghak that’s what Lucy’s got, and I’ve seen you kiss it, sir!

Tcp rated it it was amazing Oct 01, After this, the ,ady names were replaced in the box, and the ladies made another selection, but in case of anyone drawing the same partner a second time, she had to return the slip and draw another.


You dear boy; you kill me with pleasure! Heave up your bottom to meet him, dear,” she laughed, giving Corisande a good sounding slap on the side of her buttocks with her other hand.

Lady Pokiingham conducted us to our apartments, and lokingham the attendants as soon as possible, she embraced me first, and then Alice, saying: Reuben lighted a couple of the candles, then turning to his companion, who was lying on the bed frigging slowly his standing prick, as if keeping it in a state ready for use, said, “Will, it’s time His Lordship was here now, what a good job I broke away from you just now, or you would have spent and spoilt all; he likes to see us looking ready and randy, but if he thinks we have been fucking or frigging by ourselves he pokinggham damn us, and bolt off in a rage.


Send for Susan to bring my birch rod! All were stripped to the buff. She sank down upon me, and I opened my legs to admit her.

This page was last edited on 9 Octoberat He spent again under the stimulating emotions with which I inspired him. This went on for some time till the little girl was within three or four months of her twelfth birthday, when a circumstance she had never taken any notice of before aroused her curiosity. The Boudoir, Volumes 3 and 4. I frigged the boys till their eyes almost started from their heads from excess of emotion, they spent over the firm round globes of my bosom, but I still kept them stiff, alternately kissing the head of one or the other prick whilst Crim-Con’s hands tickled their balls, and frigged their arseholes till we made them nearly mad.

Bridget, the nuns belonging to which devote both soul and person to the service of the Church? I will introduce you to another secret society which you have little idea of.

Pokinggam do babies come? Then I felt as if it was all over, and I must die soon; my cries were succeeded by low sobs, moans, and then hysterical crying, which gradually got lower and lower, till at last I must have fainted, as I remembered nothing more till I found myself in bed, and awoke with my poor posteriors tremendously bruised and sore, and it was nearly a fortnight before I got rid of all the marks of that severe whipping.

Her face was all smiles as she addressed him in tones of sympathy, even of tenderness.

The Pearl/Volume 1/Lady Pokingham; or They All Do It

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