Lactantius, On the Death of the Persecutors, (Lact. DM ). Daia, on receiving this news, hurried with relays of horses from the East, to seize the. The work of Lactantius On the Deaths of the Persecutors has appeared for the first time in Serbian translation and during the th. lie dead, and Lactantius proposes to relate the manner of their deaths, that both After a brief survey of the fate of earlier persecutors of the Christians (Nero.

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Lactanyius Nicholas of Myra, the Wonderworker Known for his abundant mercy and generosity for the poor! His Conscience was at last awakned, and he was forced to give praise to God: Contrary to how it may sound, this is not a vengeful narrative told by a blood-thirsty early Christian glorying in battle and death.


Yet all this did not turn away the Judgments of God from Maximian: No one tells you about this one when they dewths your to read Fox’s Book of Martyrs. The Franks were then in Armes, so that Constantine was obliged to march against them.

Not many days after this, Galerius Maximian came to him, not to congratulate upon his recovery, but to force him to resign the Empire: On the Death of Persecutors. According to Charles E. All this was reported to Maximin in her name: What shall I onn of his Diversions, and his Pleasure?

His Courtiers were easily induced to follow his wicked Example, and to defile the Beds of such as depended on them: Upon this Maximian sent many Messengers to him, to induce him to submit to the Order that he had setled; and to pay the Respect that was due to Licinius’s Age, and to his Gray Hairs.

God has blotted them out, and rased them-out of the World. And tho he neither understood Military Affairs, nor Matters of State, yet he was now set to conduct Armies instead of feeding Cattle. The Heats that were raised in the first Formation of that Breach, may some way take off from the guilt of the Sacrifices that they made: Iraq makes Christmas Day an official nationwide holiday.


If you read one, you must read the other as well. He depicted Jesus reigning with the resurrected righteous on this earth during the seventh thousand years prior to the general judgment. When he deatbs finished his Ministry, a Cloud received him, and carried him up into Heaven: Ben Mast marked it as to-read Feb 05, The whole World was now brought under great vexation, the Gaules only excepted; those three wild Beasts exercised their Cruelty upon all the Provinces from the East to the West.

Austin and some Bishops opposed this for some time; but they yielded at last: As soon as ever Maximin had heard the News of his Death, he being then in the East, made all the hast that was possible to take into his possession all those Provinces: In the eighteenth year of his Reign, tye was visited by God with an Incurable Stroke: Moreover, he maintained that Roman justice could be better perfected by rooting it in the Christian doctrine of divine fatherhood… Read More patristic literature In patristic literature: When he entred into Nicomedia, he offered up his Thanksgivings to God, by whose Aid he had obtained the Victory: The later On the Death of Persecutorsnow generally recognized as his, describes the grim fates of persecuting emperors; it is a primary source for the history of the early 4th century and also represents a crude attempt at a Christian philosophy of history.

Retrieved August 29, It has been often observed, that tho a Plea for Moderation is the Sanctuary of all the Unfortunate, yet their Fortunes came no sooner to be changed, but that they insensibly got into that Principle which was so much decried perxecutors themselves, when their Affairs were in an ill condition: Moreover, he maintained that Roman justice could be better perfected by rooting it in the Christian doctrine of divine fatherhood….


Constantine having setled matters at Rome, went during the Winter to Millan: Maximian had not put him in the nomination of the Cesars, because he would not put him in a rank so far Inferiour to himself as to call him Son, but he reckoned that Constance would soon die, and then he was lactantiius to receive him to be his Brother and Collegue in the Empire: Chris Cowles marked it as to-read Dec 23, The Judgments of that God, who is the Avenger of his Truth and of his People, were in the next place no less visible upon the other Maximian, that had been indeed the chief Contriver of this Persecution.

Perseccutors Maximin stood upon his terms, and very boldly said, that he to whom the Purple had been first given, ought alwayes to be considered as the Ancienter Emperour: Lactantius ; Englished by Gilbert Burnet, D. But as soon as that was over, he shewed how little he could bear that Freedom that the Romans had still retained; at which he was so uneasy, that tho the first tne Ianuary was very Near, in which he was to enter upon his ninth Consulate, yet he could not be prevailed on to stay to that day, and so he could not bear the staying thirteen days longer at Rome, but he began his Consulate at Ravenna.

And during the space of In one b One of the earliest sources for accounts describing the rise of Constantine.

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Refresh and try again. Constance recommended his Son to the Souldiers, and delivered over the Empire to him, and so he ended his Life in all points as he wished to do. Jonathan rated it liked it Sep 25,

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