La nave estelar [Brian ] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. coleccion Clasicos Nebulae nº 14, 1ª edicion febrero , traduccion. : Clasicos Nebulae numero La nave estelar: Autor/es: Brian W. Aldiss Editorial: Edhasa. Coleccion. Fecha Edicion: primera edicion. Brian Aldiss – la nave estelar. Mind-Blowing Spaceships from s British Mind-Blowing Spaceships from British Paperbacks: “Equator” by Brian Aldiss.

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It was an okay book. To view it, click here. Also, due to the extended length of time involved on the journey certain creatures have had the opportunity to evolve with a higher level of intelligence.

This is one of those books that’s loaded with possible spoilers, but most of the other reviews already gave the game away.

La nave estelar

They life is estlar, much shorter, as a result of increased metabolism. Brian Aldiss died on August 19,just after celebrating his 92th birthday with his family and closest friends. I’m fine with that. The characters find a swimming pool and mistake it for the sea: Earlier in the novel, we see women depicted as second class citizens who are The opening couple of chapters of this book were really promising. But then, it is considered a bit of a classic of the genre. It does start off slow, but it does get somewhat interesting [it held my interest enough for me to want to finish it].

Alidss, the main character, changes the most in the story. Just a moment btian we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Also, the Polish edition includes an afterword which criticizes the translation picked for the very same edition of the book.

What is going on with the apparently intelligent rats who occupy some areas of the Ship? There are ways to tell a story. Complain is induced into a conspiracy by Marapper the priest, who has come to believe that Quarters, the Deadways, Forwards and other areas are all part of a world called Ship, which moves through a void for broan purpose unknown.

I didn’t want a happy ending for them, because they were that unlikeable. One of those classics that don’t stand the nzve of time, I’m afraid. Then there’s this race of almost sentient rats that developed, which I thought were going to be really important but then were just kinda forgotten.


It is also a thematically strong book, with Complain’s external journey of trying to understand the Ship mirrored by internal developments as he realises the problems in his life have been brought about by the pressures of the tribe, which themselves are based on lies. There are legends of Giants, and indeed, Giants are encountered and some killed. And the characterizations are fairly lame. Each day is about survival and clearing away the vegetation which invades their life. Non-Stop by Brian W.

In each book, the knowledge of what the ship actually is has been lost and the descendants of the crew have reverted to a tribal existence while the ship ploughs on through space. To be credible a world needs rules that are consistent and realistic.

The book is much alike other novels of the period it was written, what a time it would have been to be alive. Maybe a swift short story. Bench Antonio rated it it was ok Jun 26, The back story, as it was revealed, was something I hadn’t guessed, and the final showdown is great reading.

Lists with This Book.

La nave estelar by Brian W. Aldiss (3 star ratings)

Return to Book Page. Refresh and try again. I am not sure I would call it a ‘masterpiece’, but what do I know. Most of the characters are thoroughly unlikeable, which I’m sure was the author’s way of dramatizing how far civilization has fallen aboard the massive starship, but it leaves the reader with no one to root for. With the threat of battle with another tribe, he joins forces with a few colleagues and a renegade priest to discover more about his world and whether the rumours are true – that they a I love reading these Masterworks books and this was a story I had never heard of.

Unfortunately, in replacing their water with some of that from the new planet, they also took on board a completely new protein, which infected all life on board ship, killed many of the remaining crew and caused the rest to mutate into a separate human species. Characters suddenly making lifechanging decisions with unclear motivation, conveniently found true love, dialog that doesn’t flow well, that kind of thing. People who though only Philip K Dick could kick the feet from under you.


An interesting read, the idea of the plot is quite revolutionary, especially considering the writing date of the mid s. It did strongly remind me of Heinlein’s Orphans of the Sky in that it involves a multi-generational starship where “something happens” that decimates the crew and the survivors form various societies [for lack of a better word], religions, and trappings of civilization, culminating in some kind of deadly struggle for control of “the World” [ship].

This was actually my third try to read and finish this book and it was a fight again. It is now a prized object. His new-found love interest also goes through a bit of a change [growth], as do some ‘minor characters’ view spoiler [partly due to revelations about their identity and abilities hide spoiler ]. The ending is basically two secondary characters explaining the plot to the main characters I don’t mind a cliffhanger, but this one feels just as if the author ran out of ink mid-scene.

I thought it was pretty crazy how the ship’s inhabitants’ life cycle had been sped up so that it was four times as fast as a normal lifespan on Earth, and how nobody onboard the ship was above five feet tall. OK I accept abstract but then there are no rules.

However, if you go into the story already knowing where it takes place, well Rumours spea Originally published inNon-Stop originally entitled Starship in the USA, but now restored to its original title frequently appears among lists of the all-time great science fiction novels.

And who are the mysterious Giants who appear and disappear periodically? It transpires that the inhabitants of this ship had already left their colonists on a planet dstelar the Procyon system and had been heading back to Earth.

My first Aldiss novel so maybe this is normal for him? He wrote his first novel while working as a bookseller in Oxford.

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