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Is it possible that in these long intervals nothing has transpired between Jesus and the soul? It is Jesus Christ who is speaking.

Volume XX, November luia, Padres de la Iglesia. I want you to manifest everything when you are piccardeta, because you pass over many things. Who can resist the Divine Will? At times, you go ten to fifteen days without writing.

Hannibal Mary Di Francia has more than a prophetic meaning. Your counsels and suggestions fill me with consolation, but I am still a child in this great science of the Divine Will.

So, one can clearly see that St. In all of his letters, Father Hannibal clearly reflects how the Divine Will has come to be the center of his life, of his spirituality, and of his only reason for existence.

Before his death, Father Hannibal himself commended the members of the two religious communities he had founded to follow up on the work he had luksa, as the next excerpt from one of his letters shows:. First he reviewed them in order to obtain the Volunyad Obstat and the Imprimatur, as we have already seen, and then he began to actually publish them. Who knows whom our Lord will make use of?

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He himself volunrad it in his own words. As founder of a work it is easier for him to approach bishops, pifcarreta and people, and also in his own institute, announce the Kingdom of my Will. In all this, I also seem to see that God is permitting everything to purify my soul in a very singular way, maybe precisely because of the great task of the publication of your writings. Sierva de Dios Luisa Piccarreta.

When Blessed Hannibal had already been appointed ecclesiastic censor of the Archdiocese of Trani, he writes:. He answered; it is the good God who is working. It is the word of uncreated Wisdom, and just one word is worth more than the whole universe.

For that reason I assist him so much and I give him special light, because to understand a Divine Will, Holy and Eternal, great graces and not a small light but a sun, are needed, as well as great disposition from the one to whom this office is conferred.

The consideration that we are dealing with 25, copies of the entire work, of the whole set of volumes, present and future, so it will cost millions of liras.

Comentarios sobre el sitio. It is unnecessary to say that his intentions were truly impressive.

La Divina Voluntad y Luisa Piccarreta

He had to stick his hoof in the works, and do everything in his power to keep these writings from being published and from doing all the good they will do. And while thinking about this, I happened to find myself at the chapter of May 4,of volume seven, and I read these words that Jesus says to you:. Although the task was gigantic, as he himself had said, with generosity and complete abandonment into the hands of providence, he began the undertaking.


I dibina to send you the first pages soon, for you to see. Temas sobre la vida y la familia 5. And even though he found himself in the midst of a war with the devil, he continued to persevere, especially in his interior.

It will be organized in the simplest of ways: With this, this most important task of obtaining ecclesiastic approval will have been taken care of, for whatever future event. The gift of the Divine Voluntsd is that gift which makes it possible for the creature to return to the order, to its place, and to the purpose for which it was created by God. This science of the Divine Will is lofty, and yet these writings dictated by heaven present the doctrine in all its purity and clearness.

So, it is not permissible for you to leave off even a single syllable. Well, now ask our Lord with faith and love, that you might at least work the miracle of returning my health to me. Di Francia, difina has shown so much interest volluntad the publication of everything concerning my Will?

Luisa Piccarreta – Hannibal Mary Di Francia, apostle of the Divine Will

Is there nothing to relate from these periods? I feel profound abandonment and desolation in myself. In other words, it was the recognition of all our Lord had communicated to Luisa, and had taught her to live to perfection:

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