3D Printed Walking Robot (Klann Linkage): This walking robot has been a project that I have been wanting to have a go at for a while now and I finally got. PDF | On Dec 1, , Jaichandar Kulandaidaasan Sheba and others published Design and evaluation of reconfigurable Klann mechanism. PDF | In this paper, discuss the spider mechanism (Klan’s mechanism) for any random movements, whenever the transformation by wheel is not possible.

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Create a plane bisecting the remaining regular octagon. The following is a detailed construction process. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rotate point O and M 90 degrees counterclockwise around this line to obtain point G and H. Patent 6, or more specifically the patent holders website [10] has six input variables.

The robot comes to an almost stand still during each linkagf revolution. The Klann linkage provides many of the benefits of more advanced walking vehicles without some of their limitations. As the content of a patent may be copyrighted, this book will only cite small sections of the patent to be on the safe side.

The linkage consists of the frame, a crank, two grounded rockers, and two couplers all connected by pivot joints. Translate point M mapping point O to.


Walking Mechanism Using a Klann Linkage – Wolfram Demonstrations Project

Views Read Edit View history. Create a line parallel z-axis through point A.

Uses authors parameter Articles needing additional references from November All articles needing additional references Commons category link is on Wikidata. The input variables for figure 17 and therefore table 1 according U.

The design of the Klann mechanism is portable with less linkage for movement. Hide the useless objects. Translate point H mapping point G to point J to obtain point K. Patent 6, are as follow: Create a plane P containing this line and midpoint between J and L. An other thing to keep in mind is, that not all combination of inputs result in a working linkage.

This book will shall not replace studying the patent, but simplifying it by providing additional tables and illustrations. The Klann mechanism uses six links per leg, whereas the Jansen’s linkage developed by Theo Jansen uses eight links per leg, with one degree of freedom.

Call the two vertices of the triangle in the circle. Hide the original regular octagon.

Retrieved from ” https: This book will also talk about the relevant patent s. Hide previous three circles and line. Klann linkage work on the basis of kinematics where all links gives relative motion with each other.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Klann linkage

Take a movable point M on the circle. Friction is required for motion kann the legs and liniage so it can hold, otherwise it will slip. Reflect two triangles and two circles to obtain two new triangles and circles. The Klann linkage is a planar mechanism designed to simulate the gait of legged animal and function as a wheel replacement. Point A” is the vertex of new triangle corresponding to point A.


As the author of this book, I would like to cite larger sections of the patents. Hide pointlineand triangle containing point A”. The Klann linkage can walk on non-planar roads and hill areas, and on uneven surfaces and terrain.

Presuming that the fasted foot defines the speed of the whole robot, we can animate a Robot based on the values in table By “connecting the dots” without suffix, “x” suffix and “y” suffix, we can derive a first meaning from the drawing, showing us the frame and the leg in two positions.

Also reflect plane P in this plane to obtain plane P’.

The geometric construction according to U. Linkages mechanical Walking vehicles Robot kinematics in robotics.

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