RokBox is a fully responsive modal plug-in for Joomla. The extension can display many different media formats such as images, videos, music, embedded. Joomla Rokbox This tutorial was requested by a Joomla training student in our forum. They wanted to make images and videos on their site. Before Joomla if you wanted to publish picture galleries, you needed to get a special component with plugins and modules. Now with the.

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RokPad was devised as a tool to provide an easy and elegant interface for editing Joomla content, to make it a pleasure, not a chore. I also tested on the Ipad and Iphone same problem! Jjoomla that doesn’t work, you may have a problem with generating thumbnails automatically.

Jun 05 License: Broke the Site Chris Merchant 8. RokGallery is a ground-up revolutionary gallery extension, developed to be hugely flexible, versatile and user friendly. Install Using The Extension Manager. Click here to read our tutorial on on installing and using the ACL Manager.


It is a nice looking plugin. Posted on 08 November Works nicely Angela 8. Save your work and you have just created an image section, with sub orkbox AND all the menu links to the galleries, and set preliminary permissions for viewing.

They will be named: If you’re using Joomla 1. If you enable “Legacy Parameters”, you’ll also get a much wider range of options.

For Rok Box you insert code similar to this: Our extension, OSContent will make organization even easier. But can causes preoblems.

The latest revisions feature inbuilt themes such as fusion, a complex dropdown menu system wit I love the popup possibilities of this extension.

That should place Joomla’s save button inside a pop-up for you and also generate a thumbnail for you to click on.

I used this for making YouTube videos popup in a lightboxes. I tried emailing the developers and has already joomoa 5 days and no reply.

Create Multi-Category Image Galleries With ACL, RokBox and OSContent – Joomlashack

The roibox is “Light” which provides a white background, but there are others: You will not need both of them, Just install and activate the one you want to use. Testing Rokbox The normal way of using Rokbox will only work inside articles. May 27 Date added: I’ve done this with three free plugins, Simple Image Gallery by JoomlaWorks ojomla Rok Box by Rockettheme both work for this, and have different display options in case you want to customize.


This plugin is also available for WordPress. Download it here – http: Just give each page a title. Ease of use Very easy to use.

The Joomlashack Blog

Valid W3C nagadoudi 3. There are various configuration options and parameters allowing you to enable not o This tutorial was requested by a Joomla training student in our forum. The extension is very easy to use, also if ro,box don’t use the codes in the documentation.

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