Captain John Smith (–) Admiral of New England was an English soldier, sailor, and author. He is remembered for his role in. Smith as Unreliable Narrator in The General History of Virginia While John Smith did many things for the. In chapter 1, book 3 of The Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer Isles, published in , Captain John Smith describes.

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The President returning from amongst the woods, seeing the time consumed and no provision gotten and the ship lay idle at a great charge and did nothing presently embarked himself in the discovery barge, giving order to the Council to send Lieutenant Percy after him with the next barge that arrived at the fort.

And though your factors there can buy as hisgorie in a week as will fraught you a ship or as much as you please, you must not expect from us any such matter, which are but a many of ignorant, miserable souls that are scarce able to get wherewith to live and defend geberall against the inconstant savages; finding but here and there a tree fit for the purpose, and want all things else the Russians have.

Yet it pleased God by a precious oil General Russell at the first applied to it when he sounded it with a probe ere night his tormenting pain was so well assuaged that he ate of hitorie fish to his supper, which gave no less joy and content to us than ease to himself.

The Generall Historie of Virginia, New England, and the Summer Isles

For thirty miles’ sail we could see no inhabitants. With so much as we could carry we returned to our boat, kindly requiting this kind king and all his kind people.

Hkstorie Wighcocomoco virginja this place all the coast is low broken isles of morap [marsh], grown a mile or two in breadth and ten or twelve in length, good to cut for hay in summer and to catch fish and fowl in winter; but the land beyond them is all covered over with wood, as is the rest of the country. At last on the western shore we saw large cornfields; in the midst [of the river] a little isle, and in it was an abundance of corn.

Whilst the ships stayed, our allowance was somewhat bettered by a daily proportion of histofie, which the sailors would pilfer to sell, give, or exchange with us for money, sassafras, furs, or love. But when evill men shall iniuries beginne; Not caring to corrupt and violate The iudgements-seats for their owne Lucr’s sake Then looke that Country cannot long haue peace, Though for the present it haue rest and ease.

The highest land on the main, yet it was but low, we called Keale’s Hill, and these uninhabited isles, Russell’s Isles. Two children being dead, some extreme passions or dreaming visions, fantasies, or affection moved their parents again to revisit their dead carcasses, whose benumbed bodies reflected to the eyes of the beholders such delightful countenances, as though they had regained their vital spirits.

Captain Newport we much suspect to be the author of those inventions. Thus was that summer when little wanted consumed and spent and nothing done such was the government of Captain Ratcliffe but only this discovery. Having neither surgeon nor surgery but that preservative oil, we presently set sails for Jamestown, passing the mouths of the rivers Piankatank and Pamunkey.


Archived from the original on Himself, with two English and two savages, went up higher in a canoe. Two smithh he had himself and eighteen men. This as a miracle drew many to behold them, all which being a great part of his people, not vrginia after died and but few escaped.

They in the canoes let fly also as fast, but amongst them we bestowed so many shot [that] the most of them leaped over board and swam ashore; but two or three escaped by rowing. But the grazing of our bullets upon the water many being shot on purpose they might see them with the echo of the woods so amazed them as down went their bows and arrows; and exchanging hostages, James Watkins was sent six miles up the woods to their king’s habitation.

The soldiers say many of your officers maintain their families out of that you send us, and that Newport hath a hundred pounds a year for carrying news. But it chanced our captain taking a fish from his sword not knowing her condition being much of the fashion of a thornback but a long tail like a riding rod, whereon the middest is geberall most poisoned sting of two or three inches long, bearded like a saw on each side, which she struck into the wrist of his arm near an inch and a half.

Transcription from Original

Two or three days we expected [experienced] wind and weather whose adverse extremities added such discouragement that three or four fell sick, whose pitiful complaints caused us to hlstorie, leaving the Bay some nine miles broad at nine and ten fathom water.

Into our boat voluntarily he came; the rest ran after us by the shore with all the show of love that could be. Being thus got out of their trap, we seized on all their canoes and moored them in the midst of the open. But he was not long absent but his men went ashore, whose want of government gave both occasion genefall opportunity to the savages to surprise one George Cassen, whom they slew, and much failed not to have cut off the boat and all jhon rest.

Captain John Smith, The Generall Historie of Virginia, New England & the Summer Isles ()

Their request being effected, he substituted Master Scrivener, his dear friend, in the Presidency, equally distributing those private provisions the other had ojhn, appointing more honest officers to assist Master Scrivener who then lay exceeding sick of a calenture.

All this time our old tavern made as much of all them that had either money or ware as could be desired.

If he had burnt her to ashes one might have carried her in a bag, but as she is five hundred cannot to a navigable place above the falls.

For remedy of which sin, the President devised how to have every man’s oaths numbered. And having done the best they could to content us, we parted good friends and returned to Jamestown.

So marching towards their houses, they might see great heaps of corn: Presently from each side the river came arrows so fast as two or three hundred could shoot them, whereat we returned to get the open. The 16th of June we fell with the river Potomac. But the good news of our discovery and the good hope we had by the savages’ relation that our Bay had stretched into the South Sea or somewhat near it, appeased their fury.


Scott, Drum William Wilkinson, Surg. Thanks to your advocacy efforts on our behalf, we’re happy to report that the recently passed Omnibus Spending Bill includes a very small increase in funding for the National Endowment for the Humanities!

But their orders for government were put in a box, not to be opened, nor the governours knowne vntill they arrived in Virginia.

The Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer Isles – Wikipedia

But in the interim he made three or four journeys and discovered the people of Chickahamania. Smith unexpectedly returning had the plot discovered to him. By this let all men judge how this business could prosper, being thus abused by such pilfering occasions. Neither was it a small policy in Newport and the mariners to report in England we ha smiyh plenty and bring us so many men without victuals when they had so many private factors in the fort that within six or seven weeks [out] of two or three hundred axes, chisels, hoes, and pickaxes scarce twenty could be found.

At our first meeting our captain ever observed this order: And what other minerals, rivers, rocks, nations, woods, fishings, fruits, victual, and what other commodities the land affordeth.

All these things were carried so pleasantly as within a week they became masters making it their delight to hear the trees thunder as they fell. Retrieved from ” sjith When you send again I entreat you rather send but thirty carpenters, husbandmen, gardeners, fishermen, blacksmiths, masons, and diggers up of trees, roots, well provided, than a thousand of such as we have.

Passing along the coast, [we searched] every inlet and bay fit for harbors and habitations. Richard Muttonboy. To express all our quarrels, treacheries, and encounters amongst those savages I should be too tedious. Virginiz doth inhabit the people Sarapinagh, Nause, Arseek, and Nantaquake, the best merchants of all other savages.

By [the time] that we had sailed six or seven miles we saw two or three little garden plots with their houses, the shores overgrown with the greatest pine and fir trees we ever saw in the country. And for pike-heads, shot, powder, or anything they could steal from their fellows [that] was vendible, they knew as well and as secretly how to convey them to trade with the savages for furs, baskets, mussanecks, young beasts, or such like commodities, as exchange them with the sailors for butter, cheese, beef, pork, aqua vitae, beer, biscuit, oatmeal, and oil; and then feign all was sent them from their friends.

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