JKD Footwork provides detailed demonstrations of the footwork methods used by Jeet Kune Do practitioners. This is a must-have reference guide for any serious. Learn 5 Drills For Improved Jeet Kune Do Techniques From Jeet Kune Do Training from a stationary position, the trainer will use footwork to move and attack. Here’s a Newer Video on Jeet Kune Do Footwork and Trapping. Agility, distance, timing and structure are essential to performing JKD Footwork and applying it.

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The key is to maintain a clear mind that is unobstructed by thoughts or concerns. When the front foot is in place, you should be in the on-guard position and perfectly balanced.

Bruce Lee’s Footwork | Martial Arts | Jeet Kune Do

To achieve flowing movement in footwork, you must place extreme importance on the fact that to reach your opponent, you must move to him. Shadowboxing teaches you how to relax when you move, how to explode when you move, how to throw techniques while in motion.

The on-guard stance presents proper body balance and a natural alignment of your feet. jid

As a JKD fighter, it is extremely important to practice foot work. Curve Left-Right Footworkk 6. When jogging, jjkd shuffle your feet and keep jogging. This unnecessary, strenuous stance is not functional because it is slow and awkward. When practicing this footwork in the beginning, don’t worry about your hands. If you watch Bruce fight against Bob Baker in The Chinese Connection, you will footwokr the pendulum step employed as a means of avoiding an attack and launching a counter kicking attack.

However, it is very effective in gauging and obtaining correct distance from which to launch a strike. The On-Guard places your strongest side forward, which, in JFJKD is typically your right side, with your strongest hand lifted up so that your fist is in line with your shoulder.


Go take a look at any street fight or amateur sport fight and you will see people tripping, stumbling, and overreaching. Triangle pattern Wrestling Then slide the lead foot right foot kjd equal distance to the left, all the while maintaining the On-Guard position. Personally, I had a real problem with this in my early years of training with Bruce.

Footwork in Jeet Kune Do tends to aim toward simplification with a minimum of movement.

Why We Need Bruce Lee’s Footwork

Continue to do this motion over and over again without stopping. The best exercise for overcoming the force of inertia to your feet is skipping rope and shadowboxing several minutes.

It must become part of you. Unless there is a strategic purpose, forward and backward movements should be made with short and quick slides. Bruce was so good, because he made himself so good. From an on-guard position, attempt to reach your foptwork with a light side kick as he tries to keep his distance. Bio-mechanics or body leverage and balance, distance and timing are nkd keys to success in combat, and all of them are the direct result of getting in tune with yourself, knowing what you can do and at what angle and with what degree of efficiency you can do them at and this, folks, all comes down to a simple matter of footwork.

If you aim toward simplification, rather than complex footworo intricate foot patternswhich more resembles dance patterns than efficiencyyour footwork will be smooth, direct and efficient. As you jkf more adaptable to the movement, increase your speed and work toward shortening the distance by more and more execution.

Catching the opponent’s moment of weakness, physically as well as psychologically. Correct measure for explosive penetration.

I always looked up to Bruce Lee for his work ethic. You footwofk land on your left foot only, as your right foot is delivering a side kick. Almost every movement is executed with footwork, and all the power and energy must come from it. It can lure your opponent in to a trap, allow you to gain the proper fighting measure and also bridge the gap to your opponent. You will not go anywhere. Mobility is definitely stressed in JKD because combat is a matter of motion, an operation of finding a target or of avoiding being a target.

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The second is aliveness and naturalness. Keep both of your knees slightly bent and relaxed. Let it flow from within. Hakbang Paiwas Full Side Step Your reaction must be pure and honest and, If the intent is expressed honestly, your opponent will be in serious trouble.

The Shuffle Step is more like a pulling movement, than a stepping movement. The right knee is turned slightly to defend your groin area and your right foot should be rotated in roughly 25 degrees so that, if necessary, you can employ it as a kicking weapon.

Your left foot should be angled at approximately 45 degrees. Having no footwork is like driving a racecar with horsepower but no wheels. It is used for a quick advance, for kicking and for punching. It is just as necessary to learn to duck swings and footwok as it is to slip straight punches, both are important in counterattacks.

This is for fighters who like to be agile and make a quick lunging-in strike with a lead jab then get back before a counter can be thrown.

Jeet Kune Do Footwork by Tim Tackett

From an on guard position, push the ball of your front foot to initiate the motion which straightens your front knee and shifts the weight to the rear foot. Your left hand is also in close, to protect your midsection. The backward thrust is like the quick backward movement except that it carries your body backward quicker and fotwork.

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