JETHRO TULL Vinyl Lp THICK AS A BRICK Newspaper Cover Reprise Beauty! $ 0 bids. JETHRO TULL and is getting impossible to find in any. Pictures of actual album for sale – excellent condition of newspaper. A work of art ! Some fading and marks (white marks) on outer jewel case. Inner magnificent. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Thick As A Brick on Discogs.

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It makes “Thick as a Brick” even more awe-inspiring when you hear about the less-than- favorable conditions it was created in. New Jersey Sold by: Archived from the original on 5 October A hard work according to the boys from the band, it took longer to make than the record itself that culminates in the most brilliant piece of cover art ever made, with a clear nod to Monty Python. I get the same feeling of the Moonchild song from King Crimson, there’s a line, but too weak to climb up my repertoire.

JETHRO TULL Thick As A Brick reviews

Reprise Records label, pressed in the ‘s. Then, “In the clear white circles” brings back the pastoral atmosphere of the beginning, culminating in the minstrel-like, wistful atmosphere of “Do you believe in the day? Many melodies and vocal themes are very catchy and most instrumental parts show why the worlds needs a progressive genre. I purchased the remastered CD edition.

Jethro Tull, Thick As A Brick, 1972 Pressing, with RARE 12-page gatefold fold-out newspaper

And sinister, some albums simply fails to be seen as anything else than “masterpiece”. Then, the listener is brought all of a sudden into a quite rocking number in which the band not only Ian shows all its skills.

Let’s go over the music in great details. Is surprisingly sensitive and beautiful. Whether it’s a jazz flute style solo, a hard rock section, soft acoustic, xylophone parts or whatever, it all rocks. All of the musicians are at the top of their jethri, every note in place and none superfluous.


Anderson’s vocals, acoustic guitar and flute leading the way. The best thing about the music is that it never becomes cheesy or uninspired; the magic continues for the duration of the record. Listening can be real joy and pleasure sometimes.

Just as the s was a complacent decade, the late 60s – early 70s was an experimental time: The title is the only unprepossessing thing about the album. AllMusic wrote that “Jethro Tull’s first LP-length epic is a masterpiece in the annals of progressive rock, and one of the few works of its kind that still holds up decades later.

There is true musical magic at work here. It kills me, really. Record in VG condition. This is their masterpiece, their definite one. There’s an almost classical segment next that swirls around your head like a swarm of butterflies as the organ, piano and flute cleverly intertwine.

An album with little to no flaws, even if Part 2 gets off to a comparatively slow start, this is certainly one for every collection. Complex music, mind-boggling lyrics it’s about Is this Anderson’s stab at the prog movement itself where lyrics were becoming more surreal, following from the psychedelia of the late 60s?

Performed with total conviction, the rhythms and changes are all top-notch and the band’s amazing chemistry is obvious. BTW it took longer to create the newspaper, then to finnish the reord. Ian, as the liner notes explain should you have the stamina to pore over the tiny type for tidbits of truth “extended his virtuosity to violin, sax and trumpet” on this recording, which expands the music considerably the sax in particular would seem to assume some of the electric guitar’s original role.


While there is only one track as such, the section towards the start of side 2, with the chorus “Do you believe in the day”. At first I taught that was unnecessary, but after years of listening and some observation I think it’s essential; it’s a very brief part, and it’s a counterpoint of the album not musical-wise like in a baroque music, but more idea-wise. I have no idea what that means but it sounds great.

Which is the best way I can describe this masterful album by Jethro Tull– it is the element that makes a a house homey and not just “there”. While it does a great job on Side A of making the piece seem shorter than it is, too many times, I find bored with what’s musically presented to me on both sides. I don’t reckon this should be, by any means, the greatest prog album which the charts indicate I cannot however fail to give this 5 stars as it is without doubt one of the essential prog masterpieces I prefer Hidria, Tool, Ozrics and Magma inter alia Lyrics are witty and effortlessly challenging.

Clearly, something aligned for the band with this release, but I’m afraid it never aligned anywhere near this well at any other point in their career.

Retrieved 15 November There are a few sections that are prog heaven with swinging organ supporting soaring flute. The various themes and melodies, arranged as a single, album-long suite, are brilliant, and insinuate their way into the pleasure-center of your brain, n’er to depart.

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