Jaya Kirana, Mangalore – Main Newspaper Advertising is a proven way to increase your product’s brand awareness. Find the Newspaper Rates that fit your . Phone, Suggest a phone number Jayakirana daily Kannada news paper. likes. Posts about Jayakirana daily Kannada news paper. There are no stories . Jayakirana Epaper: JayaKirana is a popular Kannada language daily newspaper that is published from Mangalore and Bangalore, in the state of Karnataka, in.

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SC on Liability of Owner of Newspaper for Defamatory Publication

Nadeem, Mangalore Tue, Mar 2 Nazia dxb,mangalore. Why are u soo happy to read such article Today Sir Chidamabaram has given a statement saying “Why such article was published when muslims are observing the festival Eid – milad “?

If he wants still to raise jayakiranw to the Muslims, he has to become a Muslim first, start practicing it and then comment on it.

Just cane them black and blue. This is totally aunacceptable and uncivilised way.

SC on Liability of Owner of Newspaper for Defamatory Publication

It is the root cause of all ills. May lord show us the real culprits-Ameen. Its waste to give comments to Rajesh Nayak where his thinking power is so narrow and he enjoy bloodbath and he had never seen or experienced in other country ept he know only about his home jayakiraana.


When the news spread out about his qatar offer. All other things you had mentioned it is still the same. Where are those pseudo sickular idiots hiding?

Why advertise through The Media Ant. Shanawaz kukkikatte, i would love to know what is the role of muslim clergy in maintaining peace, law and order. Be a Muslim I condom what was done as well as what was published. We all would have been ‘Kashmiri Pundits’ by now!!! Let us refine our culture, thoughts by passing out all the -ve energy that is surrounding us. The magistrate took cognizance of the matter for the offences punishable under sectionsand of the Indian Penal Code.

Accused arrested Mangaluru Also to be noted, we have a secular setup. I Care Builders and Developers, Moodbidri. Display ads and Classified ads are the most common forms of Newspaper advertising in Jaya Kirana – Mangalore edition. What all I should be aware of at this stage?

It is that time when the law-enforcing authorities should arrest and conduct inquiry into those groups involved which will throw light to their affiliation. We go everywhere without any fear in Dubai.

Live happily with no conflicts. I call upon local muslim leaders to maintain peace in line with the teachings of Islam and not to add fuel to the burning issues.


Dishonour of Cheque — Section of the Negotiable instruments Act. One good example is the “biased” comments by most people in Daijiworld. Rajesh, Barbados Wed, Mar 3 Justification left right and centre!!


Some show one colour and do wrong things disclosing kayakirana colour. It will emerge one day as it did in the case of ‘ Attavar” a man with heinous deed in the name of religion. Setting aside the order, the court observed that, whether the content of the complaint constitutes an offence punishable under any one or all or some of the abovementioned sections was not examined by the high court for quashing the complaint against the respondent.

Earlier, police nabbed a person from the city for his alleged involvement in the attack on Kannada Prabha daily. It is very very sad that my mangalore is becoming a hub of such radicals: The Supreme Court has set aside a Karnataka High Court order that had quashed defamation case filed against owner of a Kannada daily newspaper. That for the acts of printing or selling or offering to sell need not nwes be the physical acts but include the legal right to sell i.

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