Jagdpanther vs SU Eastern Front Duel Author: David R. Higgins; Illustrator: Richard Chasemore; Short code: DUE Jagdpanther vs SU Author: David R. Higgins ISBN: 1 6. Contributor: Andrew Nguyen Review Date: 17 Sep As with all German. However, from page 33 until the end of the book, we leave the discussion specifically of the Jagdpanther and SU, and launch into a military.

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MegaB0B0 2 Posted 04 November – Matthew, I’d like to introduce you to Wehraboo Bingo. The artwork isn’t particularly useful, as it doesn’t show any details that to me seem useful to understanding either vehicle, the battles being described, or for my modeling.

Jagdpanther vs SU-100: Eastern Front 1945

Glad you enjoyed the SU in-game though, I found it pretty fun as well. Also the technical specifications covered with one vehicle aren’t the same technical specifications covered with the other in all cases.

This article is interesting to read: Len added it Jun 18, SU 8 votes [ After the introduction of the T, the utility of the SU was at an end, and the Soviet authorities decided to modify the SU by jagdpanthet it with a mm gun, expanding the casement to accommodate the larger gun, and increased gs frontal armour to 75 mm.

Mass production began in September The SU has been proven to operate in extreme cold and extreme heat, and in difficult environments such as the Middle Eastern deserts as the SUM. Published April 22nd by Osprey Publishing first published January 1st One thing people seem to miss out on the SU was its main flaw: As minor as it may seem, I feel that the DS’s shorter gun barrel will get the SU jagdpantber less trouble than the PaK 43’s barrel will get the Jagdpanther.

  ELO 1900L PDF

Tony rated it really liked it Nov 05, Peat marked it as to-read Nov 22, In contrast, the closest Soviet equivalent, the SU, was designed to operate alongside armor and mechanized forces in an offensive capacity, where its mm main gun would help counter heavier enemy armour when encountered.

I always win in my jagdpanther with ease. There is a lot of things claimed about German tanks that isn’t true. Otherwise both tanks are pretty even, especially in speed. Don’t be jagdpsnther of the Jagdpanther though, I thought it was pretty good, and it was one of the only 2 tier 7 TD’s I kept after grinding through it.

Matthew J35U5 19 Posted 23 January – Finally, having an operational range twice that of the Jagdpanther doesn’t seem like it could possibly be bad, though this is certainly less important for a defensive vehicle than for an offensive vehicle. Views Read Edit View history.

Jagdpanther vs SU Eastern Front by David R. Higgins

Crazedtiger77 5 Posted 04 November – I’d lean a bit towards the JP at this point even though the D became the superior gun in the long run, being in my 3 most effective tank guns list 1st being the DT because its caliber became the standard everyone bases themselves on nowadays.

When I first received this book to review, and looking at the front cover, I presumed it was going to cover the German Jagdpanther and Soviet SU over the course of its 80 pages. These values 1100 help in jagdpwnther penetrative and accuracy determination, but are sadly non-existent as far as I can tell.

Nobody reads the opening post anymore. The Jagdpanther represented a well-balanced solution and an excellent use of limited resources, while the SU was a natural progression of the rudimentary but numerous SU BlazinWeedies 14 Posted 21 November – Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: And sure enough, the first 32 pages of the book do indeed describe these two vehicles: Some exist to this day in the Russian Army holding facilities.


The SU is an up-gunned and up-armoured SU Julio Campos added it Jun 09, That’s the biggest factor over which is better. Further, the Jagdpanther did not see desert environments, so it’s ability to operate in sandy conditions is unknown as is it’s ability to be modified to operate in said environment.

Search Advanced Search section: Retrieved from ” https: Ernest Hilbert rated it liked it Apr 02, III chassisand typically more economical both in resources and cost. SU Russian SU at a tank biathlon.

SU vs Jagdpanther – Historical Discussions – Official Forum – World of Tanks Console

This is about the historical vehicles, not the in-game ones. This battlefield history is all very interesting, and for the most part fairly well written, but it certainly wasn’t what I was expecting to dominate in a book titled “Jagdpanther vs SU”.

Matthew J35U5 1 Posted 03 November – State in your original post something like: So which do you guys think was better? Brian Miller added it Feb 15, But yeah, the D’s pen was good.

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