The most serious Maya revolt in colonial Yucatec history happened at a town called Cisteíl. Its leader was Jacinto Uc. We know him as Canek. Jacinto Canek’s life followed by just a few decades Spain’s final conquest of the last independent Mayan peoples, the Itza, in the s. Palacio del Gobernador (Governor’s Palace), Merida Picture: The Execution of Jacinto Canek – Check out TripAdvisor members’ candid photos and.

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Canek, Jacinto (c. 1731–1761)

They easily managed to take Cisteil. He knew nothing about the changed situation there.

Recent Comments Albert on This was considered necessary because the Maya lands were agriculturally poor, and huge areas had been confiscated by the Spanish, leaving the Maya on the verge of starvation. Cite this article Pick a jacibto below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Only four cajek the Spaniards, all jacinfo them wounded, escaped with their lives. Execution Playing Cards Exclusively available on this site: Nothing conformist, began to ask and protest loudly, which earned him a serious warning from the monks.

What it does not capture, perhaps, is what a larger-than-life figure Jacinto Canek became after his death. The first half of the story describes a special and caring relationship between Jacinto Canek and a young boy named Guy, the nephew of the owner of the hacienda on which Jacinto Canek works. The friar appealed to the captain of the army in Sotuta.


Jacinto Canek

When Canek learned of Pacheco’s arrival, he brought together the chief men of the village, and they went to the tavern where Pacheco was staying. Canek is crowned king of the Mayans and promises to abolish the tributes, distribute the wealth left by the Spaniards and set up an administration led by the Indians. The governor also considered that failed conversion of the Mayas to Roman Catholicism along with leniency towards Maya culture contributed to jadinto rebellion.

If already the way to execute Canek should serve as a warning to future rebels, the Spaniards are not satisfied with that. There jadinto assembled a force of about men who had also escaped from Cisteil.

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Eight other participants were hanged in the main plaza. The story develops using a series of very short vignettes, some as short as four sentences.

» Jacinto Canek, Mayan revolutionary

Somehow, he managed to do some traveling around the province. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Other rebels were flogged, had an ear cut off, and were condemned to forced labor in Cuba. Jacintto he deposed the parish priest and preached from the Catholic pulpit in the Mayan tongue:.


Speaking to them in maya, he harangued them with the following words:.

You will need a good map to find it. Some say it is a soul. The Spanish force of soldiers met Canek and his cohorts on November 26, in the plaza of Cisteil, where Maya were arrayed in two entrenched lines.

This, named Tiburcio Cosgaya, soon prepared a detachment to go to Cisteil. Wild rumors swept the buena gente. A week after the uprising, the Spaniards organized a large detachment composed of 2, soldiers. The return of a liberating king fulfilled a prophecy and was consistent with traditional Maya beliefs in cycles of time. Canek 16 December History, Literature 0. This last rebellion continued until the early 20th century. He removed the crown from the statue of the Blessed Virgin and placed it on his own head.

Thinking this impertinent Indian must be drunk or crazy, Pacheco dismissed him angrily.

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