Canon imageRunner printers are compatible with AS/ Printing from the iSeries does not require IPDS compatibility. One of our programmers came to me and asked if I could set up one of our printers as an IPDS printer so that he could print bar codes. I haven’t. Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS) is InfoPrint Solution Company’s Systems Application Architecture host-to-printer data stream for Advanced Function.

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If this is set to 0, then set it to and save the Custom Set. If another message queue is to be used for this particular printer device, verify that the message queue exists before entering the message queue and library in the MSGQ parameter.

AS/400 Printer Installation under Operating System OS/400.

IBM, Intelligent routing is the ability to take the entire spooled file or any segment of the input spooled file and do any combination of these:.

Lexmark Optra with internal Lexmark Marknet print server laser printers prior to A mail tag provides the email address. The printer controller processes these IPDS commands and returns acknowledgment back to the print server.

It provides an attachment-independent interface for controlling and managing all points addressable APA printers that allows the presentation of pages containing an architecturally unlimited mixture of different data types, including text, image, graphics, bar code, iseeies object container. The page segments and overlays are deleted in the printer when the printer writer is ended. For a complete list of known IPDS port number values, please refer to the following document: Intelligent routing is controlled by values in a PSF configuration object and pids mapping program.

End the writer, if it is not already ended. Printers do not need to be directly attached or physically next to the e Gateway.

Getting started with AFP. The port timeout can be set through the control panel on the printer. The commands for starting and stopping are the same for a described printer or a Remote Queue: Therefore, port or port should be used instead of port for InfoPrint Series printers and for any newer InfoPrint printers to come. TYPE Device model: Simple, one step set-up auto configuration when using TNe or TNe. In most cases port has better connectivity than port for IBM Infoprint,and Series printers. Views Read Edit View history.


The screens will expand as you fill in the requested fields and press either the Enter or F10 keys. If the printer has an internal print server, you may need to contact the manufacturer of your printer or your printer vendor to find out the model of print server used. This parameter only applies to the following printers: But notice, that you need the described rights.

What kind of connection is possible only with additional products from third-party manufacturers Additional products hardware or software components from third-party manufacturers are needed, whenever data have to be printed via IPDS. Decides, if SCS has to be transformed into another emulation like e.

Therefor, print jobs coming out of a remote queue, are lost in case of a failure, e. This video describes how to use this document to find the appropriate port number for an IPDS capable printer. United States English English.

You can also specify that no message text is to be added into the body of an email.

IPDS for HP Printers and MFPs

I-O Configuration Utility installed on a PC Plus a wide range of additional features that boost productivity and performance.

If an IP address is used, it should be entered without leading zeros for example, use If a spooled file contains fewer pages than specified for ACKFRQ, an acknowledgment is requested after the last page of the spooled file is sent.

The port number is hardware specific; however, it is typically set to one of the following: This PTF was released on October 26, If this setting is not found, skip this step and proceed to the next step. For print jobs bigger thanshould be selected. Contact and feedback Need support? If the printer will not print at all after going through these steps, then switch back to port If the printer will not print at all after going through these steps, then switch back to port Set the IO Timeout or Job Timeout to seconds 5 minutes and set the Idle Timeout to somewhere between seconds 15 minutes and seconds 1 hour.


Data conversion is accomplished at the e Gateway and sent to the printer via the Ethernet Network.

IPDS AS iSeries

Cut sheet emulation mode. It is best for simple applications, such as a trial run ipdss a billing application. IBM i Print Software version: Configuration is made easy through the use of a menu-based utility. Suppress message text in an email You can specify specific message text that goes into the body of an email or you can have PSF use default text.

Transforming IPDS data to PDF

Type of target system. In some cases, port works better than port for IBM Infoprint, and Series printers. Also, port is no longer supported starting with the InfoPrint Series printers, due to communication failures experienced using that port. Transforming spooled files to PDF without manual setup For operating systems later than V5R3, this method requires no setup.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Computer printing Page description languages IBM izeries. This parameter is available as of V5R1 operating system.

Printer has to answer.

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