– PRESCRIBING THE IMPLEMENTING RULES AND REGULATIONS OF THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT CODE OF WHEREAS, Section 25, Article II of . Local Government Code of , affirms, among others, that the territorial and under RA and the implementing rules and regulations issued pursuant . This Act shall be known and cited as the “Local Government Code of ”. SECTION 2. Declaration of Policy. – (a) It is hereby declared the policy of the State.

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Art. , Rule XXIII, IRR of RA

Secondly, ltc you say delivery of basic services, as pointed out by Cong. The Pgc, the designated personnel, or the agencies in Section 24 d shall conduct a continuing registration procedure taking into consideration the budgetary and manpower requirements and the presence of youth and youth-serving organizations. In their absence, the SK members shall choose from among themselves the presiding officer. Succession and Filling up of Vacancies.

On the other hand, Youth Serving Organization is an organization with the same core advocacy but whose members are not entirely composed of the youth which may include civil society organizations ie. A province shall not be created unless the following requisites on income and either population or land area are present:.

In construing a statute, the proper course is to start out and follow the true intent of the Legislature and to adopt the sense that best harmonizes with the context and promotes in the fullest manner the policy and objects of the legislature. After a circumspect consideration of the arguments for and against the validity of the creation of the Province of Dinagat Islands, I am convinced, with all due respect, that a reconsideration of the decision is ird order.

Such may be put under the Office of the LCE, the Office of the Planning and Development, the Office of the Social Welfare or in any other office deemed appropriate by the local government unit. COMELEC[8] it held that t he Constitution requires that the criteria for iirr creation of a province, including any exemption from such criteria, must all be written in the Local Government Code.


The templates shall be designed by the DILG and the Commission; j Assist in the establishment and registration of youth organizations and youth lrr organizations in the barangay, in accordance with the guidelines of the 191 k Adopt and implement a policy on full public disclosure of all its transactions and documents involving public interest. Membership in the Sanggunian and Local Special Bodies. To my mind, it was undoubtedly in the service of the foregoing principles and policies that the house bill creating the Province of Dinagat Islands was passed by Congress and enacted into law by the President.

In support of the house bill for the creation of the Dinagat Islands as a separate province, it appears 9191 a special census conducted by the province of Surigao Del Norte and the National Statistics Office NSO District Census Coordinator 199 July yielded a population count ofinhabitants. Now, by compressing the land area and by reducing the population requirement, we are, in effect, trying to follow the basic policy of why we are creating provinces, which is to deliver basic services and to make it more efficient in administration.

This is readily evident from the fact that, after prescribing the P 20, Provided, however, that in the appropriation thereof, the specific purpose for which such activity has been held shall be first satisfied: In addition, a written notice shall be posted i n at least three 3 conspicuous places lgd the barangay.

Justice Antonio Eduardo B. When viewed in the light of the legislative intent underlying Section of the Local Government Code, I respectfully submit that Article 9 of the IRR is not in conflict with the criteria for the creation of provinces ensconced in said provision of the basic law.

As hereinbefore observed, however, Section of Batas Pambansa Blg. Any elected SK official who possesses all the qualifications and none of the disqualifications is eligible for re-election.

In case said member refuses to assume the position or fails to qualify, the SK member obtaining the next highest number of votes shall assume the position of the chairperson for the unexpired portion of the term. For as long as there is compliance with the income requirement, the legislative intent is, after all, to the effect that the land area and population requirements may be overridden by the established economic viability of the proposed province.


The creation of a new glc shall not reduce the land area, population, and income of the original LGU or LGUs at the time of said creation to less than the prescribed minimum requirements.

Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 10742

19911 Meetings of the KK. As such, the SK shall consult and secure the concurrence of the majority of the KK members present, there being a quorum, based on the list of the SK Secretary, in the formulation and approval of all its policies, plans, programs, and activities that promote the orr of the youth, such as the CBYDP and ABYIP. Creation and Election of the SK. Alongside declaring Republic Act No.

As we said, if we go on a minimum income level, then we say, this is the trigger point at which this administration can take place.

Alfelor, there are sections of the province which have never been visited by public officials precisely because they dont have the time nor the energy anymore because it is so wide. In construing statutes the proper course is to lcg out and follow the true intent of the legislature. Meetings of the SK. These representatives shall serve for a term of three 3 years in the LYDC.

The average estimated annual income shall include the income allotted for both the general and infrastructure funds, exclusive of trust funds, transfers and nonrecurring income.

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