What is an INTJ (Introvert, INtuitive, Thinker, Judgement)?. They’re called “The Architects” due to their strategic capabilities and thirst for. In the same way, some ENFPs would be compatible with some INTJs, while some B.S. Agricultural Economics & Political Science, Purdue University ( ). Read more: Profile of the INTJ Personality Type | TypeFinder Purdue University (PDF) More involved one called “The Development of an INTJ Child.“.

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Submit a new link. I broke out laughing when I got to that one. It’s definitely more of an intuitive thing. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Then, I took the test to get my grade in the class and didn’t give it a second thought I’m not kidding- I couldn’t tell you what my 4-letter type was then.

Just like a relationship or a volunteer job or a paper, you get out what you put in. I’ve embraced who I’ve been made to be- my introversion is great for studying! But I learned that I need to be more proactive in meeting people. Because, in the end, we determine how the world sees us. Whoever posts this has my upvote! On looking into this personality typing, I was able to understand what makes me, me.

Understanding an INTJ

I may have the most socially awkward personality type, but I’m also the rarest! I can’t tell you how often I’ve been relying on this simple test these past few months Submit a new text post. Sure, these types of things are important when learning how to work and pureue with others, especially when the different types can cause interactions to vary so greatly.

  ELVOX 8870 PDF

Why didn’t I stress the little stuff like so many of my friends? Want to add to the discussion? Here’s some more INTJ content: And even though my career has been decided based on this test, that doesn’t mean that what I do with it necessarily has to be.

My focus on the big picture is such a stress relief when it iintj to exams, and the fact that I like to plan and be in-control has saved me this semester when it comes to time-management and organization. You know you’re an INTJ when purue repeated misuse of “your” in the post drives you fucking crazy. And, while I’ve relied heavily on this test- it did determine my career path- I don’t think that it has to determine how a person interacts or behaves in a given setting.

A” life plan” is irrelevant pirdue you know anything could happen that is out of your control and you have to stay flexible and work out various scenarios. But, looking into this, I also came to the realization that this personality purdye does not have to define me.

What does this mean? We have a Wiki, too.

Pages Home 21 Before 21 Challenge. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I always wondered why I didn’t have as many friends or why I spent many nights at home with a friend or two. Also, I heartily approve of the Purdue descriptions’s use of “shibboleth.

Cognitive functions test – a test that calculates your most likely type based on function usage and developmental states.

There are times where I worry about every single little detail ahem. Function order – a helpful list of each type and their functional stack. Posted by Sarah hood at There is no one answer. Well, look no further than the test! I was going to reply to it here, but yes, this definitely needs its own post. Type frequency – a graph showcasing the general rarity of each type. This is amazingly accurate. And even though that makes me seriously uncomfortable, I’ve grown so much from putting myself out there.


Well, I’ve found that it can really mean whatever you make it. You silently listen to people trying to figure out how to do something, then chime in with the correct way while they stare at you stunned because they didn’t think you where paying attention.

Confirming your type – a useful article on pitfalls to avoid when typing yourself. Itj, most recently I was given the “N” in that fluctuating third category. I need to put myself out there, be vulnerable, and inttj willing to be out of my comfort zone so that others might stay in theirs. And why do I care so much about my future- more so than anyone else that I know?

Not only was it an explanation, but I’ve recently been able to apply it to my life and understand how to work with others and make myself seem, well, less lame.

INTJ | StrengthsMining

And that is a fantastic bit of knowledge to have. Log in or purue up in seconds. I totally resonated with this one, I catch myself doing this all the time.

This sub is open to all types. And if G doesn’t work out, well, then it’s time to completely reassess the situation.

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