Do you want to avoid reservations while planning your trip? In the Interrail timetable, simply check the box that states ‘avoid trains that require reservations’. Interrail Planner is the free trip planning app. Use our interactive map to plan your Trains. See journey times and book your seat reservations in advance. After ceasing publication last summer, one man has risked all, by reviving the European Rail Timetable, the backpacker’s bible.

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There are just a few exceptions that you should be aware of: Buy your rail pass now from Interrail.

Email Address field is required! Be the first to know about our latest offers, like our winter SALE, and receive a free travel magazine. It’s good to know that the Interrail train timetable also shows trains that aren’t covered by an Interrail Pass. Interrail also has one interaril passes for individual countries, but the Global Pass is the most popular and best value.

First, find the trains you timetab,e to travel on in the Timetable. Submit a new text post. At this point, I realised that I was trying to fit too much into a month, so I removed some countries and came up with a more realistic schedule. They are listed below with instructions on how to find train times: The information system shall be only used for own purpose and shall not be used inherrail or by the way of retransmission using an instrument for transmission.


Regional Trains in Europe |

Hostels often give you the option to pay with a credit card in euros, but you will have to check if their exchange rates are fair. Visit Trainose -Train connections between Serbia and Greece. If you are only spending a night timetabel a city, choose accommodation near the train station timrtable save time and hassle. Train stations often have big screens with all departing trains, which shows destinations, platform numbers, times and sometimes train numbers.

The service was easy to use. For variety, I suggest mixing beaches with cities and countryside.


Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Go himetable the ‘Trip Planner’ section of the App. You must buy them before you start your trip.

In general, reservations are required for: Regional trains are your ticket to discovering places you might otherwise never find!

This page may contain affiliate links. Opt-out at any time an unsubscribe link is at the bottom of every email. Also enables you to share your plan, so you can post a link in this tlmetable for feedback.


Combine your European rail trip with a ferry journey to cut down travel times between countries that are separated by sea. Do you want to avoid reservations jnterrail planning your trip? Hi all, I just have a few questions regarding a number of things.

Interrail Planner

You can order a pass up to 11 months before your trip starts. It’s not surprising that so many people prefer to discover the continent by rail.

Book your train seats with our reservations team. Minimum amount of senior is selected.

Trains in Europe

Seat reservations are necessary on some high-speed trains and can be quite pricey. The use of an automated system or software to extract data intrerail prohibited.

Submit a new link. There are just a few exceptions that you should be aware of:.

Before boarding a train, just record the trip details in the Travel Diary that is provided with your ticket.

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