Ibrahim 1, × 1,; 72 KB. 0 references. sex or gender · male. 0 references. country of citizenship · Senegal. 1 reference. imported from Wikimedia. Shyakh Ibrahim Niass (d. ), on the other hand, has been known as the leader of the Tijaniyyah who had numerous followers throughout the country. It is our. Q| Would you be able to teach me how to make salah in accordance to what our Master, Shaykhu 3 l-Islam Ibrahim Niasse, may Allah be well-pleased with him.

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Annual Maulud of Prophet Muhammad salla lahu alaihi wa sallam at the headquarters in Lagos since till date. From to he was almost certainly involved in an acute emotional and spiritual crisis which deepened his preoccupation with mysticism They argued that their muqaddams who initiated them into the Tijaniyyah did not acquaint niasx with it.

Thousands of people both black and white, are said to have studied various subjects in its mosque, while they are also said to have attained perfect knowledge of God through the Shaykh in this centre.

Therefore, both on the Shari c a and Haqiqa levels, Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse, may Allah be well-pleased with him, was not obligated to stick to the Igrahim or any other madhhab in every detail. For loving other than him is blindness and corruption. Sitting in the gathering was Shaykh Sayyid c Ali’s son, the young Shaykh Hassan, may Allah be well-pleased with him, who had just come from the UK, wearing a suit and a tie.


He made a stoppage in Fez, Morocco, the international headquarters of the Tijaniyyah. Shaykh Hassan Cisse was generally regarded as the leader of Tareeqa al-Tijaniyya al-Ibrahimiyya worldwide until his sudden death in August, They said to him: How blessed is this writer!

The Niaes on his own part did this that he took full advantage of the opportunity; he proved that he was really thoroughly grounded in the field of sufism.

This Tijaniyyah nniass held tenaciously to their first and only muqaddam, al-hajj c Umar al-Futi. This happened when he decided to go on pilgrimage to Mecca.

Ibrahim Baye Niass – Wikipedia

This is against the Maliki and Hanafi norm, but we have to follow it. This page was last edited on 8 Decemberat In fact, it is a sign of faith [iman] mas the Master of Existence stated narrated by Imam at-Tirmidhi: My Faith is prayer and fasting, and the obligation of alms- giving, and the Pilgrimage and marriage, for this Din will survive forever.

I recall once in the sitting room ubrahim majlis ] of Shaykh Hassan Cisse, a Mauritanian shaykh lbrahim telling him of a personal incident where it was time for salah and the people appointed a denier [munkir] lead the Prayers, so he refused to pray behind him, and prayed on his own.

One of the Shaykh’s students Ahmad Barnawi, a native of Maiduguri, Nigeria, njass com- piled many of these speeches and epistles and titled the compilation as Jawahir al-rasa ‘il.


Ibrahim Niass

They were interviewed in March Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. As an international Muslim Leader. This article has multiple issues.

Make takbir and honor Him! Qur’an, Chapter 3 verse 13, which says: My Faith will inherit this earth despite you! Shaykh Ibrahim’s role as principal Imam of the Medina Baye mosque has been carried out by the Cisse family.

Each group is, however, independent of the other. The Maulud for will be in Kaduna on the 14th April, In preparations for this year’s Maulud, we seek the generous support from all towards ibrhim successful actualization of the activities.

It is remarkable to note that in some parts of Nigeria, nisas as in Ilorin and Ibadan, an artistic impression of Shaykh Ibrahim could be seen on many commercial vehicles.

The association has been in existence around 3 decades ago but grew steadily till when it went international. Muhammad al-Daghiri was a famous Tijaniyyah leader in the Northern Nigeria. This Jama’ ah was founded on the belief that he, the Shaykh, was the reviver of the Tijaniyyah in the fourteenth century of the hijrah because a reviver, it is believed, would emerge in every century.

Niaws also meant that he was the heir to his secrets, illuminations, mystical lights and knowledge.

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