Holothoria atra, is a holothurian of order Aspidochirotes belonging to the family Description a Sea Cucumber Species Holothuria atra Jaeger, from. Native range | All suitable habitat | Point map | Year This map was computer-generated and has not yet been reviewed. Holothuria atra AquaMaps Data. Holothuria (Holothuria) atra Jaeger, AphiaID. (urn:lsid: :taxname). Classification. Biota; Animalia.

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WoRMS – World Register of Marine Species – Holothuria (Holothuria) atra Jaeger,

Additionally, a cerebroside isolated from the sea cucumber Stichopus japonicas showed effective antitumor activity Hayashi et al. Aaron Premnath Lipton, Email: Promising in vitro cytotoxic compounds such as the Calcigeroside B, C1 and C2 identified from the holothurians included triterpene glycosides. Antibacterial activity was determined using Muller Hinton agar Hi Media.

The shallow water holothurians of Guam. It favours reef flats where it is not fully exposed to the waves but the water is well aerated, and shallows beside slabs of rock from under which cool water wells out when the tide retreats.

The sea cucumber Telenata ananas derived bioactive compounds were reported to act as the chemokine receptor subtype-5 CCR5 with possible anti-HIV activity Hegde et al.

Triterpene glycosides, namely holothurinosides A, B, C and D as well as desholothurin A from sea cucumber Holothuria forskalihave considerable antitumour activity against Holothuia cell lines. Electronic supplementary material Additional file 1: Sterilized filter paper discs Whatman no. Fucoidan can inhibit the development of cytopathic effect CPE and protect cultural cells from infection caused by viruses Hemmingson et al.


Overview of sea cucumber farming and sea ranching practices in China. The coverslip was fixed on the centre top of the hemocytometer. It was placed in the subgenus Halodeima by Pearson inmaking its full scientific name Holothuria Halodeima atra. Column chromatography Silica mesh gel slurry was prepared using methanol. Toxic red fluid is released from the skin on rubbing. The cell proliferation and inhibition measurment of the sea cucumber Holothuria atra showed that it can be developed as an antitumor agent.

Open in a separate window. Biosci Biotechnol and Biochem. Received Jul 30; Accepted Oct holothurai Devaraj Isaac Dhinakaran, Email: Steroid glycosides are a class of wide-spread natural products having marine origins. World Register of Marine Species. The compounds were identified by comparison with the standards.

Intercedenside D—I iso lated a cytotoxic triterpene glycoside from the sea cucumber Mensamaria intercedens a marine natural product inhibited proliferation of several human cancer cell lines Zou et al. The chondroiton and glucosamine components of holothuria were reported to be important cartilage building blocks and other bioactivities including anti-inflammatory and anti tumor activity properties Herecia and Ubeda The active bioactive compounds found in the H. The mouth is on the underside at one end and is surrounded by a fringe of 20, black, branched tentacles.

Anti-inflammatory activity in mice of extracts from Mediterranean marine invertebrates. The gradual decrease in absorbance values showed increase in holoturia effect of the extracts against the Hela cell lines. Footnotes Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests. Benefits of a sea cucumber extract in anti-angiogenic therapy and RTK inhibition for cancer.


Triterpene glycosides are the predominant secondary holothurja of the sea cucumber Hemoiedema spectabilis which exhibited wide spectra of biological activities, including antifungal, cytotoxic, hemolytic, cytostatic and immunomodulatory functions Chludil et al.

Marine Species Identification Portal : Holothuria atra

The absorbance values were measured at nm. A new cytotoxic lanostane-type triterpene glycoside from the sea cucumber Holothuria impatiens. Each experiment was conducted as triplicates sets. Bioactive peptides and hemolytic lectins have been holothhria from sea cucumber as a source of antiviral activity.

Maturity is reached at a body length of about 16 centimetres 6. The species is also targeted for the aquarium trade. Holothuria atra emits a toxic red fluid when its skin is rubbed or damaged, which is a defense against predators.

Holothuria atra

Potential use holotyuria sea cucumber S. It was found that H. The effect of inhibition in plaque formation was evaluated based on the to dilutions of HSV

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