View and Download Hioki BT instruction manual online. BATTERY TESTER . BT Test Equipment pdf manual download. Also for: Bt View and Download Hioki instruction manual online. BATTERY HiTESTER. Test Equipment pdf manual download. comparator tables and send them back to the Pencil The enhanced measurement current in the . HIOKI (Shanghai) Sales & Trading Co., Ltd.: .

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operations manual hioki |

Instruction manual 1 Zero adjustment board 1 Application software CD 1 Carrying case 1 Do not remove the rear case cover. None not required Temperature Within the operating temperatures, multiply measurement characteristics accuracy by 0.

If there is no activity for approximately 3 seconds, returns to the readout screen. Only one instrument may be connected to a computer at huoki time. The range keys cannot be used while the comparator is turned on.

Store the measurement values. Displayed when the battery can be used. Page 12 The following symbols in this manual indicate the relative impor- tance of cautions and warnings. Maintenance And Service Include cushioning material so the instru- ment cannot move within the package. Manuzl number from 1 to can be selected.

The voltage warning limit and flashes.

Used for holding or cancelling the displayed values. One-piece conductive-tip contact pins with a plastic pin base model Tip Pin is available separately. Four-terminal measurement can be conducted just by clipping these to the subject. Data Saved Date and time, resistance, voltage, temperature, comparator permissible values, results of judgement. This will turn on the disconnect- detection feature again.


Use these measurement values to determine battery wear judgment values.

In addition, clock settings and mea- surement data can be deleted. Reducing Induced Voltage Since the instrument measures a minute resistance with AC power, it is affected by induced voltage. The memory feature will turn on.

Clearing Stored Data 5. Reading Out Stored Data 5. Touch manjal test lead to the zero-adjust board. Saved data can be deleted.

Used for recalling stored measurement values. These are defined as follows. Press this key once to display the current setting. Press Press keys to set the values of voltage lower limit. Configure the range and conduct the zero-adjust operation.

Hioki 3554 Instruction Manual

If you want to save the data under a different number than the memory no. Storing Data in the Memory 5. PC interface Measurement data can be loaded into a computer. Insert 8 batteries, taking care to use the proper polarities.

This feature is turned off under initial settings and after resetting the system. Safety Information Symbols on the instrument Indicates cautions and hazards. Displayed when configuring the settings for various features. Other Features Other Features 6. Damage occurring during transportation is not covered by warranty. The following software must be installed in order to enable communication between the instrument and a computer.

Since the pin can be inserted diagonally in hard-to-reach spots, it also makes measurement possible in virtually any location. The memory feature will turn If you want to save the data under a different number than the memory no. Note 2 In some cases, it may be difficult to determine the deterioration state of traditional open type liquid lead-acid or alkaline batteries which demonstrate smaller changes in internal resistance than sealed lead acid batteries.


If the measured resistance is less than or equal to the resistance warning limit, and the measured voltage is more than or equal to the voltage warning limit, [PASS] is displayed.

The accuracy is guaranteed up to the time the indicator starts flashing for alkaline batteries.

Hioki BT3554 Instruction Manual

To prevent short circuits, do not place the zero-adjust board on top of the battery. Model Pin Type Lead The lead’s pins are arranged parallel to each other. The symbol printed on the instrument indicates that the user should refer to a corresponding topic in the manual before using the relevant function.

Check the clock set- tings when using the instrument for the first time. Do not place the zero-adjust board on top of the battery or any pieces of metal. Press it in a way symmetrical to the central screw on the zeroadjust board. Displayed when the comparator button is turned on.

Driver installation meth- ods for each operating system are described below. In this example, 0.

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