Descritores: Feto, Linfangioma, Higroma cístico, Ultrassonografia, Imagem por ressonância magnética fetal. Abstract: OBJECTIVE: To evaluate three cases of. Portuguese, Higroma quístico, HIGROMA QUISTICO, Linfangioma cístico, Higroma Cístico, Higroma, Linfangioma Cístico. Spanish, Higroma quístico, higroma. Subdural hygromas refer to the accumulation of fluid in the subdural space. In many cases, it is considered an epiphenomenon of head injury when it is called a .

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The advantages inherent to this imaging method include higher accuracy in the evaluation of soft tissues because of the better tissue contrast resolution besides the multiplanar capability 11playing a significant role in the evaluation of lesions extent, most of times providing a more comprehensive and better fetal evaluation when performed in the sagittal plane 9.

In most of cases, the condition is asymptomatic and the size of the lesions is variable 2. Cunha 2 ; Paulo Ricardo G.

Higroma cístico de face com involução após infecção local

To evaluate three cases of cervical lymphangioma with magnetic resonance imaging and correlating with sonographic findings. Ultrafast MR imaging of the fetus. Higrona karyotype cystic hygroma cells? At 21 weeks, there was no fetal heartbeat and spontaneous elimination of the fetus occurred two days later.

The total examination time was, on average, 20 minutes, with acquisition of T1-weighted sequences repetition time [TR], ms; echo time [TE], 4. In the present three-case series evaluating cervical lymphangiomas, the authors considered that MRI was complementary to US, with a similar role in the ciatico of the lesions site, size and content.


A correct prenatal diagnosis is extremely important, considering that, although cystic hygromas may be isolated malformations 1these lesions are frequently associated with other chromosomal abnormalities, such as Turner syndrome and Down syndrome 1,2,10that should be immediately investigated in case of suspicious diagnosis 8. Frequently a combination of these four histological types may be found in a single lesion, and the difference among them is based merely on the size of lymphatic spaces and on their composition 1.

It is usually found in the neck, axilla, or groin.

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Edit article Share article View revision history. This failure leads to an enlargement of lymphatic channels, this theory being the one most commonly accepted, that of cystic hygroma.

Prenatal diagnosis of an extensive fetal lymphangioma using ultrasonography, magnetic resonance imaging and cytology.

MR imaging and ultrasound of fetal cervical cystic lymphangioma: In cases of isolated presentation, lymphangiomas have a good prognosis and most of times should be surgically resected. However, in cases higroja prenatal detection, it is important to perform a fetal karyotyping considering that lymphatic dysplasias are associated with chromosomal abnormalities 3.

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Subdural hygroma | Radiology Reference Article |

Normal sonographic appearance of the fetal neck late in the first trimester: Patients should address specific medical concerns with their physicians. The patients were 20 years old patient 129 years old patient 2 and 34 years old patient 3with mean age of 27 years, and underwent MRI one week after US with, respectively 24, 35 and 33 gestational weeks mean The objective of the present study is to report three cases of cervical lymphangiomas in fetuses evaluated by routine US, and correlating the findings with alterations observed at fetal MRI.


Moreover, the diagnosis was important to assess the prognosis. Dorfman 1 ; Dayane B. Otolaryngology – Hematology and Oncology Pages. The three patients had a Higromma section between their 37th and 38th gestational weeks, and underwent postnatal follow-up. Ascites was also noted later. All these types are formed by lymphatic channels with endothelial lining separated by a conjunctive tissue stroma 1.

A benign lymphatic neoplasm usually arising from the neck and characterized by cystic dilation of the lymphatic vessels. In cases where mass-effect is radiographically demonstrated, it may be neurosurgically evacuated 5. Most of times, lymphangiomas are diagnosed at the second and third trimesters of gestation, and identified as multiseptated, thin-walled higromz masses in the fetal head and neck region 8.

About Blog Go ad-free. Definition NCI A lymphangioma characterized by the presence of thin-walled cavernous lymphatic spaces. There was oligohydramnios, which prevented the execution of amniocentesis.

Findings regarding tumor location, size and content were higdoma for both methods. Case 4 Case 4.

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