Oct 25, hg clone mercurial-repo real URL is hg/ cd project/ $ hg init # A basic tutorial. Feb 24, Joel Spolsky has put together an extensive Mercurial tutorial with lots of examples and a humorous approach. “Finally, if you haven’t collapsed. Feb 24, If this is advertising, I want more of it. As an SVN curmudgeon, the first part of this tutorial finally persuaded me that I really, really need to give.

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I think patio11 will approve! I agree that most of the time its people’s fault for mecrurial following set practices.

Git on Windows Posted Feb 25, Another great resource is the official Git User Manual, which I didn’t know mercirial until just the other day: If you would have used.

Posted Mar 2, So you are obviously wrong. Well your branch in SVN is your domain, do what you want. Give me a unified diff anyday. If so, using what software? Note Most TortoiseHg settings changes are noticed immediately, but loading or unloading extensions usually requires restarting all open applications for the changes to take effect.

Note It is good practice to not have many unknown files in your working directory, as it makes it too easy to forget to add vital new files. The commands and concepts in hg map onto equivalents in cvs very nicely. Darcs has still the best one.


Hg Init: a Mercurial tutorial []

You’re ignoring the “living on their desktop” part. Instead of running into a merge conflict nightmare that requires huge amounts of developer time be expended in sorting out the state of each and every file, the version control system sees that team B hasn’t made any changes to most of the files in the repository, and most of the changes team B has made are to files that haven’t been changed tktorial anyone else, and there are only a tiny number of changes to files that had also been changed by team A’s recent commits, which hadn’t been merged to team B’s branch before team A pushed their code up to main.

Anyone can see them. It will only have the.

Hg Init: a Mercurial tutorial

There are scenarios where Git reverts some changes unexpectedly tutoriao almost silently, if you don’t take care. How many how-tos are there on text editors, programming languages, build systems, deployment systems, unit testing frameworks, frameworks, APIs, libraries, debuggers?

Frequently Asked Questions Click the OK button to save the changes you have made and close the settings dialog. I have this funny feeling that Hy Spolsky probably does not need to read my blog for advice on effective software marketing.

Lorin on Hv 25, Although I wouldn’t be using mercurial myself, I gave this a point simply because of the great site design and layout. There was a recent article by Martin Fowler http: There’s a difference between ‘runs on Windows’ and ‘is usable on Windows’.


Quick Start

They really really like that by default a file can be checked out and modified only by a single person. You can traverse the directories to find specific changes and commit them from Explorer.

This will prevent people from messing around with rebasing. I am brand new to git and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at both how thorough and also how newbie-friendly the User Manual is.

Mrecurial Feb 27, 0: I hope someone can correct me if I’m wrong here: It used to be only for experts in arcana, but today it is much more user friendly.

But I would occasionally have merging issues with hg that were just too annoying lost or missing file changes, for example that I haven’t had with git. Changesets and revisions are completely equivalent as far as merging is concerned and almost anything else because one is trivially computed from the other.

Commits, checkouts, diffs against older revisions, etc are slower when you are online. The commit tool is very similar to the status tool and allows you to do all of the same tasks. Oh the branching and merging can be big problems for some of us:

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