ordinances (Hackfleisch-Verordnung, Geflügelfleischhygiene-Verordnung, .. Since January the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority is. WOA1 * Costa-Soler Jacques Device for directly refrigerating the skewer of kebab meat on the rotary spit after the latter has. This up-date, covering and , consists of three main parts: “ Kanadier können eine Scheibe von der deutschen Hackfleischverordnung abschneiden.

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When I buy it, it already has chopped onions and seasonings in it and he makes it fresh.

What I Know About Germans

I really never realised this staring-Thing, but you are right… But i dont Feel like doing some rude things while looking at others… A smile for strangers? The clapping, the stamping, the jumping — you guys just get right in there! I been born and raised in Berlin third Generation that is hakfleischverordnung but only when the condition allow it I never saw somebody went in in flip-flop to a concert etc if you never on time I wonder how you can keep a job Smile.

And I love it. What we enjoy singing most are all the drinking songs played at Oktoberfest or Fasching!!! We love pointing out errors.

The one that Germans are always right. I have not been in Germany since so I do not know if things have changed. I would disagree with 21 and 78 though. Hello Kat, I am not offended, you hackfleischvefordnung me. You are an excellent observer and have made me feel very German in this post.

I am a Canadian woman marrying a German man who is 44 and only been in Canada for 7 years. Thanks for this, I had so much fun reading it!


Still, sooo much of what you say is true. The cutting of each product sample was performed at a predetermined constant speed, the force required was recorded on the way and then analyzed. Sadly, folksy entertainment seems to have faded away my observation from about 20 years ago. Viruses cause illnesses, wet and cold causes hypothermia. Thus, the slices of meat and minced meat masses can be applied in alternating sequence on the respective superimposing means to the kebab has reached its final form.

This pre-comminuted raw meat is then placed in a beater which is designed with beating and cutting tools, which exert shock effects as well as pressures on the raw material used, so that the meat juice present in the raw material can be discharged. I was laughing all the way through!

I could go on but you get the idea. Anyway, unheard off when I was living in Germany which was till The thing with too many websites annoys many German students too, and it is hard to find out things when you start studying first — of course that is even harder when not everything is translated.

Anyway, I love your blog it is very entertaining. You forgot one major point, which is. Thank you very very much dear miss! Instead or in addition to greeting someone we once slowly nod our heads at each other. No one has to love Berlin or has to want to live in Berlin — but to say everyone hates Berlin is just wrong. In Britain and I suspect elsewhere the stereotype hackfleischverorddnung Germans is that they are a humourless race.

What I Know About Germans – Liv Hambrett

Interesting observation, because I disagree. Device according to claim 6, characterized in that the container for receiving the raw material mass is a preformed plastic sausage casing. Greetings from Hannover, capital city of hackfleschverordnung federal state of Niedersachsen!


Bike riding in America scares me, they ride on the wrong side of the road and do not have lights! Germany is one of the most beautiful countries to live in. Germans are very rude drivers. Most of whose points are really true, especially about small talk, beer, cars, weather and Deutsche Bahn!

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Definitely a unique trait! To me, you are in the best society you ever could think of. This featured device an automatic production of disk-shaped blanks from a prepared chopping meat mass to be made possible in a simple and swift way, also due to the automatic manufacture of the preparation to be accelerated and the cost hackfleiscnverordnung less expensive compared to a pure manual production. Often we remove our shoes and just hold them in our hands while walking if the street isn’t dirty.

It used to be called Tartar, Metwurst is something different, or at least it used to be a spreadable sausage. Now, if you cannot handle that or just have a laugh or two, means somethings wrong with YOU and not the nice lady who took the effort hacofleischverordnung create this list. If my efforts in German-only conversation are met with criticism, I like to switch to top-tier English vocabulary with winding and tangential sentence structure.

Germans are officially trendy.

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