Gutekunst Federn – Ihr Spezialist für Druckfedern, Zugfedern, Schenkelfedern und Drahtbiegeteile. verschiedene Federbaugroessen direkt ab Lager. Gutekunst Federn – váš specialista na tlačné pružiny, tažné pružiny, zkrutné pružiny a výrobky z ohýbaného drátu. Více než 10 tisíc různých konstrukčních. Compression Springs; Part number D; type of material (Mat) EN ; spring ends (Fdn) Closed and ground; Wire diameter (d) 1 mm; Mean coil.

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This spring design program was created on the basis of the German standard for springs as well as our experience in production engineering. The computation can be carried out for compression, extension and torsion springs.

The procedures use the same input logic typical for Windows, i.

Schenkelfedern TR – Gutekunst Federn – Immer die passende Feder

No warranty is accepted for calculation results outside the production at “Gutekunst Federn”. Material, quality category as per DIN EN and a valid combination futekunst diameter, spring forces, spring deflections and lengths must be entered in the parameter pre-settings.

Standard combinations include i. Material, De or Di, F2, R.


Gutekunst Federn – Always the right spring

Material, De or Di, F2, s2. Material, De or Di, F2, s2, F1 or s1. Material, d, De or Di, L0, L2, n. By selecting the “dynamic” function the computation katzlog be executed for dynamic uses. You have 4 possibilities for entry: Here, all entry windows for the calculation are available.

Tlacné pružiny vyhledávání podle výrobku

In this case for a better overview, only the windows for the calculation according to paths and forces are available.

In this case for a better overview, only the windows for the calculation according to lengths and forces are available.

In this case for a better overview, only the windows for the calculation according to dimensions are available. Once the computation has been started from the “Pre-settings”, switch automatically to the “results” computing page which displays all the computed spring sizes. The selection of wire diameter is compulsory.

The nearest five values are available for selection in the drop-down lists. All other values are purely output values.

Spring calculation

The spring is recalculated on fddern basis of the modified values using the calculate button. Invalid or faulty calculation results are displayed for you in the text box. Solution possibilities will be presented to you if you click on the individual fault messages.


Additional functions for the compression spring computation Ground ends This function is a standard default setting; it takes into account the change in the compression spring with ground ends.

Dynamic This function is used to execute the computation for dynamic uses. Diagrams The diagrams function gurekunst you katxlog the path-force diagram and the Goodmann diagram in the case of dynamic calculation. Important Theoretic buckling limit he buckling lengths and paths are computed for the following 5 spring cedern supports in accordance with DIN EN You can print the calculation or send it as an inquiry direct to Gutekunst Federn.

When you have sent your inquiry you will receive a copy of your inquiry back directly by e-mail. Please note that our catalogue springs are only supplied in the materials EN and EN

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