Dune is the best selling science fiction/fantasy novel of all time. . Someone made a homebrew GURPS Dune splatbook which can be found. *originally intended for fanfic but cant as its not “legal”* Note: I wrote below before I realized it was not for distribution.(except bottom). This is a forum to discuss Frank Herbert’s marvelous Dune series.

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The Sisterhood commands a powerful Duty over its members, and has many Enemies. Memorizers are prone to becoming overwhelmed by the minutiae of data.

The traditional source for the Sardaukar. Social Engineering is of paramount import, I’d wage, but other than that? Denis Villeneuve of Arrival and Sicario fame is now slated to helm a new adaptation. See other references for more details concerning the Spacing Guild and interstallar travel.

Arrakis is the only planet in the known universe to possess the geriatric spice, melange. A thumper a Fremen device that simulates the rhythmic thumping of the mating-call made by a female sandworm when she gurs her nest calls a male sandworm, where the sandrider rushes to the side of the worm and inserts a specially designed maker hook into the ring segments of the worm.

It uses a modified Holtzmann wave to relay commands. They are not commonly available outside the sietch.

GURPS Dune – how would You do it? – Steve Jackson Games Forums

Who, after all, would want to read The Odyssey after seeing the movie? A colonization project on the arctic planet, Geidi Secondus has met with much success. The subject can control the amount of blood flow to his scalp and thus the color of his hair. Its roots are found in the ancient teachings of predecessors of the Zensunni wanderers who first colonized Arrakis. Stillsuit A water reclamation full-body garment of Fremen design and manufacture for survival on the Arakeen desert.


It then follows this course to the major organs, leaving a path of torn and destroyed tissue in fune wake. October Last Modified: Aerial Performance Jet Flight Mode: Through the use of reihani decipherment a Bene Gesserit can recognize a registered individual no matter what overt change in behaviour or appearance he assumes.

Without a stillsuit, survival rolls are at Several hours of observation results in a likeness which can fool casual aquaintences of the victim. Withdrawal of the spice from an addict results in insanity and eventual death due to the action of the breakdown products of K-K cells on other cells of the CNS. A supporting argument is that leadership is a matter of temperament, not reasoning ability.

A decent beer-and-preztels game without being hurr durr dumb. On a failed roll treat as per suffocation p. They are powered for a year on an A cell. In fact, in the Missionaria Protectiva material, religion is described as “the purposeful instruction of the masses. Not only the unarmed combat manuevers depend on this training bu the extrordinary knife and whip skills also require this command of muscles and nerves.

You could buy a mansion on a core Imperial world for a deciliter of spice. This skill is the ability to mount and direct a giant sandworm to be used for transportation across the great deserts. This raised the ocean level several feet; gur;s devistation was extrodinary. While this topic is up for debate the following were most likely borrowed from the Dune universe:.

It is the total immersion of the Mentat in the inferential consciousness, and even the founders of the Order of Mentats disagreed on its nature. All Mentats require a high 14 or greater IQ score.

A sucessful impaling attack with the knife is necessary in order to deliver the poison to the victim. Addiction to Sapho, an energizing liquid extracted from Ecaz plants, is a trap to which Simulationists both in training and in the field are most susceptible. The procedures are the most closely gaurded Tleilaxu secrets.


Deprived of the body’s electrical furps, the knife weakens dyne crumbles within a matter of hours. Page 1 of 4. Paracompass A navigational aid of Fremen design and manufacture used on planets with weak or chaotic magnetic systems. The Simulationist sees ever human being as a set of behaviour patterns ready to be orchestrated. Some twisted mentats are more twisted than others, and a few not very twisted at all.

Scientific inquiry and insatiable curiosity express themselves by Tleilaxu self-experimentation, a practice encouraged by the ample supply of lower-class subjects in their highly stratified society.

Gholas so produced retained their gene patterns and specific skills but lacked conscious memories of their pasts. Processors learn to combine, divide, sort, and file pieces of discrete information with They produce 1 ton of thrust per 10 Gurls of power input, with an exhaust yurps of around miles per second. Economic, political, and military strategy depended heavily on the unfolding of options by Simulationists: The device weighs a half-pound and is powered for 20 minutes of constant use on a rechargable B cell.

In the hands of a skilled operator, it can be moved with the exquisite timing necessary to penetrate a personal force shield. Face Dancers Face dancers are specialized entertainer-spies from the fune Tleilax, the most famous of whom in Atreidean times was Scytale, would-be assassin of Paul Muad’Dib.

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