Technical Spares. User Manual, GSI Product Code: Other Product Code: Manufacturer: Grason Stadler. Instruction Manual, GSI Direct calibration for TDH headset and bone vibrator. THE COMPLETE CLINICAL AUDIOMETER. AND MORE. The GSI 61 comes with everything you’ll need to. 2 GSI 61 NEW STANDARD IN CLINICAL AUDIOMETRY The GSI 61 is the versatile, making hearing aid evaluation easier than ever Direct calibration for TDH.

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B Chapter 4 – Special Test Procedures Doerfler-Stewart Test It is difficult to maintain mnual supra-threshold responses to auditory signals in the presence of several levels of noise in the same ear.

To double check a possible problem with the audiometer, check the speech level with live voice through the Mic. B Chapter 2 – Installation Loudspeaker Installation The installation of the Basic Speakers,with the GSI 61 provides a guaranteed maximum level in speech of 90 dB HL with a 6 ft x 6 ft room, and the patient seated one meter from the speakers.

Chapter 2 – Installation Display Audiogram High Frequency — When the High Frequency pushbutton is pressed with the High Frequency option installed, the system allows tone testing in the extended range from 8 kHz to 20 kHz.


Do not drop them nor allow them to be banged together. The operator makes the channel, routing, transducer and presentation mode selections which are appropriate to the test requirements. Presenting the Olympus DS a voice dictation.

Reliable versatility Philips HD5 ultrasound system Affordability and features in one Designed to perform as you need it Every day, your patients come to you for high-quality care.

There should be a difference of at least 25 dB between thresholds at each frequency tested. Repeat the sections on Patient Familiarization and Threshold Determination for each tone setting in the following order: Obtaining Minimum Contralateral Interference Levels 1.


When the LCD is in the lowered position, easy access to the rear connector panel is provided.

The ultrasound system that sets new standards Samsung Medison is one of the world’s leading researchers, developers and manufacturers of ultrasound and other medical imaging products. We took the very best features from our GSI 10 and GSI 16 and designed them into the GSI 61 — all to give you everything you could possibly need to conduct tests quickly and easily, both today and in the years to come.

Present spondees, beginning at the 40 dB setting and attenuating the intensity until the aided threshold is reached. The hearing levels listed in this table are guaranteed maximum levels.

Grason-Stadler GSI 61 Manual Rev B

The signal is manually alternated from frequency to frequency. If speech testing with recorded voice is to be performed, check that the CD or tape unit is connected and operating properly. Single or multi-channel recording from microphone channels and telecommunications lines simultaneously Single audiomeger multi-channel recording from microphone channels and telecommunications lines simultaneously Options for remote control and remote management Special voice recorder functions Processing and management More information.

Features that further enhance your testing capabilities are: These settings are read on power up and the hardware is initialized appropriately. Record this setting by pressing the Save pushbutton or by making a notation on an audiogram form. The information audiometsr herein is subject.

The leader in diagnostic audiometry

Thus, twenty presentations are right ear first and twenty presentations are left ear first. User Manual Before you connect, start or configure your new point of sale terminal, please carefully read the User Manual Copyright This publication, including all photograhs, illustrations and software. In the above figure, the x axis is labeled Left Ear or Right Ear Frequency Hz and is marked at the octave intervals of: Often the error will be cleared by this action.


The RS option can only be used with those instruments which have the Remote board installed. Center the earphone over both ears and adjust the headband so that it rests solidly on the crown of the head and exerts pressure on both ears. Hear For Life view seller’s other items: A custom report designer satisfies the unique reporting needs of every facility.

MAC Complex hospital environments demand simple solutions. If the instrument appears to have suffered mechanical damage, notify the carrier immediately so that a proper claim can be made. The reference level used for the calibration of speech is Data Erase When the Data Erase pushbutton is pressed for at least 0.

B Chapter 2 – Installation The following figure is a representation of the standard audiogram. This is a white noise filtered to a low and middle frequency band, simulating the average spectrum of conversational speech.

Gsi 61 audiometer service manual pdf – Google Docs

Route the tone to both ear simultaneously Channel 1 – Right; Channel 2 – Left. Small enough to hold More information. Threshold Determination Pure Tone: To connect the optional high frequency earphones, see the figures on page Generally, the serial port parameters baud rate, stop bits, parity, handshaking, etc.

Turn the unit on and observe that the GSI 61 is receiving power.

Refer to the Figures on page for the optional High Frequency installation. To Two, Too It features both status and audiogram screen layouts for data presentation. When the timer is first selected, audiometee initializes to 0: But when you re on the phone, watching TV. You may access More information.

Hold the Display Status key for 2. Try the same combination on the alternate channel.

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