Krasucki F. (red.): Laboratorium z urządzeń elektrycznych w górnictwie. Skrypt Politechniki Śląskiej nr Secondary sources: 1. Grzbiela Cz., Machowski . Warszawa Secondary sources: 1. Grzbiela Cz., Machowski A.: Maszyny , urządzenia elektryczne i automatyka w przemyśle. Wydawn. „Śląsk” 2. Bogdan Krynicki, Miros?aw W?do?owski, Alfons Erdman, Jan Grzbiela, J zef Krzysztof?ega?ski, Jerzy Matusiak, Andrzej Machowski, Jerzy Barzowski.

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Technical considerations in combined valvular replacement and coronary artery bypass operations. Technic for reconstruction of carcinoma of the inner canthus. Full text of ” Directory of Polish officials;personnel in the political parties, government, and mass organizations of the Polish Peoples Republic ” See other formats Biographic Directory No. Export and barter transactions in food products.

Technic machowskk cutaneous biopsy in the diagnosis of onchocerciasis. Technic of plasma insulin determination by radio-immunochemistry. Technic of choledochus implantation into the duodenum and the intra-abdominal extraperitonealization of the colonic resection-anastomosis.

Technic for the evaluation in a concentric way of the mean concentration of endovitreal compounds, administered by general way.

Full text of “Directory of Polish officials.”

Technic, indications for and results of the puncture of liquid renal masses. Technical conditions for coronary angiography. Technical complications related to the surgical repair of gfzbiela septal defects utilizing extracorporeal circulation. Technic of injecting the surface of the venous system of the cerebrum. Technic of self-prevention with fluoridated solutions. Technic for experimental application of thermography. Technic for producing interatrial communication. Technic of taking dental x-rays in recumbent patients.


Technic for splanchnicectomy using the lumbar approach. Technic of severing the superior laryngeal nerve in the therapy of bronchial asthma.

Grzbiela, Czesław (1938- ).

Technic of joining an artificial esophagus and the pharynx. Technic of the histamine test of stomach secretion. Technic of Welti and Eudel in the treatment of postoperative eventration of minor and medium dimension apropos of 72 cases.

Technical and clinical problems in patients with simultaneous implantation of a cardiac pacemaker and spinal cord stimulator. Technic of application of sodium fluoride solution to the teeth.

Technical and economic aspects of mass colpocytologic screening in Milan province. Technic for graphic recording of muscle-joint sensitivity. Technical aids in designing work areas for the handicapped. Technical and nomenclatural problems in lipoprotein electrophoresis and normal ranges of glyco- and lipoproteins in the serum. Technic of truncal mcahowski in duodenal ulcer. Technic of leg elongation after shortening, and compensation for bone defects by G.

Technic of surgical lengthening of congenital shortness of the leg in children. Technic of quantitative spectrofluorometry on thin layer chromatogramms.

Technic of data survey in neoplasm registries for Piemonte and mavhowski valley of Aosta. Technical assistance in psychiatry in Senegal. Technic for taking intra-oral radiographs. Technic of the Pean-Billroth operation, according to Enrique Finochietto. Technic of postoperative radiation therapy of lung cancer. Technic for isolating stress gauges used in vivo.


Grzbiela, Czesław ( ). [WorldCat Identities]

Technic of cryodestruction of prostatic neoplasms. Possibilities of errors and their prevention. Technic machowxki applying compression-distraction apparatus in treating leg bone fractures.

Nuclear methods of measuring and controlling environmental pollution.

Zarys elektrotechniki górniczej

Technic for simultaneous recording of the uptake and secretion of 14C-noradrenaline by rat brain synaptosomes. Technic, indications and complications of abdominal vagotomy.

Technic of thrombendarterectomy Ringstripper corkscrew extraction. Technic of trocar percutaneous puncture biopsy of the sacroiliac joint in the bacteriological and histological diagnosis of sacroiliitis.

It happens, just reset it in a minute. Technic for rebasing the complete denture. Technic of selective systematic tracheobronchial drainage. Technic of germectomies of the wisdom teeth. Technic of intraperitoneal instillation of radioactive colloids. Technic for facets with reversed machwoski. Technic of iliolumbar lymphography via simultaneous bilateral pedal route.

Technic of collecting pure pancreatic juice and its enzymatic analysis.

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