GRLWEAP Fundamentals. 2. CONTENT. • Introduction. • Why, when and where wave equation. • Wave Equation Models: Hammer, Pile, Soil. Figure A typical driveability graph from GRLWEAP Goble Rausche Likins and Associates () GRL WEAP Wave Equation Manual;. GRL Engineers perform GRLWEAP Wave Equation Analysis to find the relationship between bearing capacity, pile stress and blow count, known as the “ bearing.

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The engineer requires reliable methods for predicting the capacity of piles as driven in the field. They used a program prepared by the Texas Transportation Institute. A suitable estimate of end bearing capacity qbu for the pile tip in the sand may be evaluated from the various methods for cohesionless soil as described below.

Goble A recent research project sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration produced a new wave equation computer program for the analysis of pile driving WEAP. Each program is in a different directory in the compressed file, to make it easy to keep them separate. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

The increase in the structural capacity toward tension during the pile driving with 1 layer of FRP was The force pulse travels at a constant velocity depending on the pile material and this pulse is attenuated by the soil frictional resistance along the embedded length of the pile. The manual considers only impact hammers; i. The experiment of pile driving was done by conducting pile monitoring, using Pile Driving Analyzer PDA Test in order to find out the hammer performance and observing the capacity of piles without using any reinforcement and with using reinforcement.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The pile penetrates into the soil when the force pulse reaching the pile tip exceeds the ultimate soil resistance at the pile tip Qub. The estimation of pile driving costs remains today a very inexact activity not greatly changed over the past half century.

Recommended resistance factors from the visual tail fit procedure on the likely best fit to ODOT practice scenario containing all soil and pile types were 0. In addition to pile impact hammers, the manual addresses the complete driving system to include cushions, helmets, and leads.

It is possible today for a contractor to make rational predictions of driving resistance. A steel circular 1. The wave equation analysis is used to select the most suitable driving equipment to ensure that the piles can develop the required capacity and select the minimum pile section required to prevent overstressing the pile during driving.


A Brief History of the Application of Stress-Wave Theory to Piles Mohamad Hussein and George Goble A summary of the early scientific research that forms the basis of the development of one-dimensional wave mechanics is first summarized. The Federal Highway Administration sponsored research to develop better methcx1s for predicting pile capacity and a method evolved based on the work of Smith using the wave equation analogy as a means of modelling the pile driving operation and the resulting capacity of the pile.

Content from this work may be used under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3. This site uses grlwap. It and its successors have since become the most commonly used wave equation program for the analysis of driven piles during driving. Learn how your comment data is processed.

A summary of the early scientific research that forms the basis of the development of one-dimensional wave janual is grlweap manual summarized. Emhasis is placed on a discussion of the operation of diesel hamers and how that operation is modeled by WEAP.

Pile driving formulas, Tablealthough not as good as wave equation analysis, can provide useful, simple estimates of ultimate pile capacity Qu and they can manuap obtained quickly.

Materials Science and Engineering. If a job must be estimated, the contractor will usually depend more on previous experience than on anything revealed by normal subsurface investigations. You are commenting using your WordPress.

grlweap – Pile Driving Contractors Association

Neither of these two national databases proved always correct for the large amount of source input required, with the largest source of anomalies and missing data being the grlwwap count, especially at the BOR condition. The wave equation has become the standard method for grlweap manual the drivability of grlweap manual, along with estimating stresses during driving. To avoid these problems, engineers have sometimes tended to specify the job more tightly.

Experimental and Numerical Study University of Manchester. Soils subject to freeze or relaxation could invalidate a wave equation analysis; therefore, installed piles should be tested by restriking while using PDA equipment after a minimum waiting period following installation such as 1 day or more as given in the specifications. They were developed grlweap manual answer one or more of the following questions:.



Is the pile structurally sound pile integrity? Beginning with grleeap work of Donnell in the early 20th Century the subsequent analytical and computational research is reviewed in some detail. In order to take advantage of these measurements, the Federal Highway Administration contracted with the authors t o prepare a wave equation program which would accurately model yrlweap diesel hammer. If measurements are made they are usually made with transducers located near the pile top. In order to take advantage of these measurements, the Federal Highway Administration contracted with the authors t o prepare a wave equation program which would accurately model the diesel hammer.

grlweap – Pile Driving Contractors Association

Actual load distribution data are EM 30 Oct 92 normally not available and require results of instrumented load tests. Pile driving by using piling device of drop hammer or diesel hammer models can induce damage of the capital of column. Goble When reinforced or prestressed concrete piles are driven in easy driving, tension stresses are reflected from the pile tip back onto the downward traveling compression stresses.

In this discussion of impact problems, the wave mechanics of both continuous and discrete pile models are illustrated. Vibratory hammers, which operate on a different principle altogether, have been excluded from this manual. Excessive tension caused by pile driving can induce dynamic load on the capital of column continuously.

A high strain causes a force at the pile tip sufficient to exceed the ultimate soil resistance Qub. Each dashpot and grlwweap represent a soil element.

An overview of the concept of LRFD as applied glrweap driven piles. Structural damage is influenced by the exhausting piling materials.

What is the static bearing capacity of the pile given observations taken during pile driving? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. You are commenting using your WordPress. The force and velocity versus time curves calculated from GRLWEAP are adjusted to agree with the force and velocity versus mmanual curves measured by the PDA during pile driving or during a high strain test.

Other information of interest on WEAP is given below. The Analysis of Pile Driving:

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