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Classical Guitar Skip to content. Forum guitare classique – Forum chitarra classica – Foro guitarra clasica – Free sheet music for classical guitar – Delcamp. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker on our website.

Topics archived from Public Space and its subforums after a long period of inactivity, or redundant for some other reason. This section is read-only.

Forum rules Topics archived from Public Space and its subforums after a long period of inactivity, or redundant for some other reason. Personally I am very fond of Tarrega. His Capricho Arabe is always in my programme and always jot a great impact, likewise Recuerdos when I can play it right.

This winter I studied the Jota with the intention of playing it at grwn beach this summer but frankly just got bored with it – so much hard work and daily maintenance for Well let’s take a look at it. Slow introduction – nice, theme and first 4 or 5 variations -nice, then we come to all that left hand only stuff. Well if it wasn’t for the leaning your head on your right hand or smoking a cigar so that the folks can see what’s going on, what would there be?

Then there is all that slipping and sliding around with the long and short glissandos – music really? Then there is the fife and drum tambora stuff.

If it was played by a real fife and drum who would make a fuss about it? Then there is the music box effect left hand only combined with right hand harmonics and here I have to say that, played well, this is really beautiful and strangely most performers leave it out but not Liona Boyd.

And finally a tremolo – quite nice if you are still awake to hear it. Does all this perhaps explain why, as someone mentioned, Segovia, Bream and Williams never bothered to recorded it or even play it in concert?

tarrega gran jota – Classical Guitar

My final analysis is this: How would you compare it to Paganini’s 24th caprice for musical value? I was reading all your comments on this piece after doing a topic search and decided to write some highly provocative but sincere comments.

I would take the Caprice over the Jota any day! Wow you guys are really fast. I posted this thing only about two cups of tea ago. I’m glad someone agrees with me but I hope there is also someone who doesn’t. Discussion can be so stimulating. Twrrega have some ongoing discussions with a friend concerning garrega matters which are turning my world around.


The more I discuss the more I realise that things just are not what they seem. Just can’t help it, it’s like a tic. Anyway, it is now confession time, and I have to admit that I did get a lot of fun out of doing the Jota, and I did give a sneak preview of it to the bar owner at the beach with great success. I guess it’s tarega my personal preference for deeper music and the daunting task of maintaining it every day that led to my abandonment.

Now then ditaveloci, oops there I go again, your references to string theory and vibrations appealed to me greatly as my discussions by email often concern the history of the cosmos and black holes and we my friend in LA and I try to keep up with the latest theories dark matter, dark energy, Hubble constant not constant, etc but we are talking about the Jota as you rightly said.

I didn’t actually say it was unmusical did I? Well I was deliberately provocative devil’s advocate to some extent and agree with you that Jpta was rather harsh on it. Sometimes the defence of a piece helps you to get a clear idea of its positive aspects and we accomplished this.

If Owl or Dedosrapidos vran – got it right are indeed interested in other types of discussion I think we are allowed to do it in the Delcamp Cafe are we not? I am getting good vibrations pun intended from all this – so glad I joined the forum.

Ill start a Topic! The capricio stuns me with it’s emotional depth It is just fun, and musical fun at a that.

Gran Jota – Tarrega – really music – Classical Guitar

I don’t play it, I’m a long way from having the technical capability but I do like the upbeat happy sound it produces. Actually, York’s Sunburst, i yarrega, exhibits that same exhilaration, only a hundred or so year’s later. That said, I’d still prefer to learn and listen to the Capricio, but that’s just my bent preference obsessing on heaviness.

Sometimes it is tarreta to just do “a knee’s up Mother Brown” rather than swill your glass around pondering on the meaning of life, even if you’ve been told the answer is I think we have put it in its muscally rightful place. Im glad youre here Also, ive got questions as to the nature of space between Galaxies and its density of matter, the theory that the state of an electron is determined at the moment of observation To answer the question, scientists do no have a definition of dark matter yet.

This is simply a term for something that exerts the jofa of matter but which we cannot observe at the moment. The proposal of its existence serves to explain the rate tatrega expansion of the universe among other things. Go ahead and start a topic in the cafe as we are off the musical genre here. I totally researched it for like 2 hard hours It isnt all that confusing really. The music does not have too much depth and it is very predictable, so rarrega good amount of imagination from the player is necessary to catch up listener’s attention.


The music needs to sound almost as an improvisation.

Classical Guitar

For example, Lie Jie’s Gran Jota is nice, clear, balanced hota But I’ve listened to a recording of this piece by the great Angel Iglesias http: He really puts fire on this piece.

I think it is the same with several pieces from the romantic repertoire and most of the crossover stuff. Paganini music for guitar always sounded boring to me, until I’ve listened to some jjota them with Pavel Steidl. The same with Koyunbaba. It has a nice technical trick that make it sounds like a virtuoso work, but it does not have too much musical variety.

I know it is a ‘top hit’ for a lot of people, but this piece didn’t catch up my attention until I’ve heard a live version of it by Domeniconi himself. I practice some of this pieces to develope technique, but I would never play them in concert because I am not a great virtuoso.

I think this is a job to those with really extreme virtuosism that can take the risk of a strong interpretation. Besides Pavel Steidl, another player that comes to my mind for this stuff is Aniello Desiderio.

If the technique required by the music marginally matches the skill of the singer, then I think he will tend to focus on the accuracy and to forget about or not be able to do anything about the interpretation part. This way, the music will sound mechanical, cold, boring.

The problem with Gran Jota is exactly that, it requires much more from a guitarist than Capricho Arabe or Requerdos referring to Tarrega’s work in order to tarrfga the listener. But I found accidentally on the Internet an interpretation joa, I don’t know who performs that I enjoy grsn each time. I also listened to some not all interpretations of pieces with “greater musical value” forgive my little irony which didn’t appealed to me so much as to listen to them again.

And it also seems to be a problem of taste, not everybody likes what I like, nor tarregz other around. So, my opinion is that being a technical benchmark doesn’t mean it has less or no musical value, it’s just that is very hard to find a performer to play it right.

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