David M. Glantz, Jonathan M. House. The Battle of Kursk. Lawrence, Kansas: University Press of Kansas, xiii + pp. $ (cloth), ISBN. Near the city of Kursk on the Eastern Front, hundreds of Soviet tanks “This, in fact, is the biggest tank battle in World War II,” Glantz said. The Battle of Kursk by Colonel David M. Glantz, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. House Immense in scope, kurak in nature, and epic in consequence, the Battle of Kursk witnessed at Prokhorovka one of the largest tank engagements in world history and led to staggering losses—including nearlySoviet and 50, German casualties—within the first ten days of fighting.

Several of the myths that surround the battle, some propagated after the war by self-serving German general, are carefully disposed of. About the Author David M. Jun 11, Harry Flantz rated it really liked it Shelves: Hands down if you are interested in the Eastern Front The author also points out as time passed senior German commanders became more and more concerned over Soviet defensive preparations in the attack areas.

Published November 27th by University Press of Kansas first published With the amount of detail being presented you need to catch your breath and close the book.

The Battle of Kursk – David M. Glantz – böcker () | Adlibris Bokhandel

Drawing on both German and Soviet sources, Glantz and House separate myth from fact to show what krsk happened at Kursk and how it affected the outcome of the war. Even with such advantages, the Germans very nearly broke through the Russian defenses. I got a lot more than I bargained for, but the book is fittingly grueling grueling text about grueling events and I don’t regret reading it.


It was a bit too long for my liking, but I overall still enjoyed it. While the focus of the narrative in not first person accounts, the author does provided a few.

The Battle of Kursk

They glantzz provide figures of combat strengths and losses, along with 32 maps that clarify troop and tank movements. This is operational history at its best. The Battle of Kursk October pages Series: I picked it up because I had just finished David Robbins’s novel Last Citadel see my reviewwhich is about this battle and I wanted to learn more what happened.

kurzk If the Germans could eliminate that bulge, they would shorten their lines significantly and release troops for other kkrsk. This was one of those books that fascinate you and make you want to tear out all your hair at the same time. I also read the detailed history of the Totenkopf division that was based on actual sources and found this book to be very consistent with that overall history.

Shrouded in obscurity and speculation for more than half a century, the Battle of Kursk finally gets its due in this dramatic retelling of the confrontation that marked the turning point of the war on the Eastern front and brought Hitler’s blitzkrieg to a crashing halt. Immense in scope, ferocious in nature, and epic in consequence, the Battle of Kursk witnessed at Prokhorovka one of the largest tank engagements in world history and led to staggering losses-including nearlySoviet and 50, German casualties-within the first ten days of fighting.

Prokhorovka here is not a well-organized set piece but a confused series of engagements and hasty attacks, with each side committing its forces piecemeal. The single best researched, deeply engrossing tome on the battle of Kursk, an excellent source for understanding all levels Strategic, Operational, Tactical of that titanic battle.

Jursk in the south was there some modicum of success. Mar 06, Mike Hankins rated it liked it Shelves: The Soviets had used This is a typical Glantz book – very heavy on details, to the point where it becomes difficult to follow, which is why he loses a star.


Ribbings etikett Magdalena Ribbing kr. This is because the maneuvers are described in excruciating detail.

The Battle of Kursk by David M. The book’s major value is less in its overall argumentation than as a corrective to some of the legends that have spring up, part It’s what you think — a detailed operational history of Kursk.

The volume takes readers behind Soviet lines to reveal what the Red Army knew about the plans for Hitler’s glantx Operation Citadelrelive tank warfare and hand-to-hand combat, and tell how the tide of battle turned. View all 3 comments. But if you’re looking for a detailed account of the lead up to and fighting in the largest tank battle in human history, this is the book for you.

The Battle of Kursk by David M. Glantz

May 09, Avempace rated it really liked it. The end result was that the Germans were badly bloodied and the Soviet forces began to take greater initiative. Trivia About The Battle of Kursk. The book goes into the massive deception effort the Soviets conducted in order to lure the Germans into a massive and extremely well defended salient.

I guess I am looking more for a blow by blow down to the regiment and below. The Battle of Kursk David M. I had a hard time keeping all the Russian and Nazi armies, fronts, divisions, brigades, and their commanders, straight in my mind and this book has the worst maps I’ve ever seen. There’s not much of a thesis here other than the fairly obvious: Other books in this series. This is a typical Glantz book – very heavy on details, to the point where it becomes difficult to follow, which is why he loses a star.

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