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This conclusion is very consoling as it tells us unequivocally that the collapse of the matrix is completely independent of what is happening on the ground and is only dependent on when we shall reach the energetic threshold when a powerful injection of source energy will lead to complete disruption of the electric grid and the total blackout of all electronic subsystems that currently enable the flow of financial capital and the functioning of the economy.

Ingrid und Otfried Weise, All of you have noticed the anger and resentment, the frustration and exasperation, of a planet gone mad from emotional imbalance, lack of rationality and the force of the unclear mind. One of them is a boy named Orlando.

One crucial element in this scenario is missing: I Hear Your Voices: The bird is the world. From this perspective, educational programs for the older generations can help them find a way to use their qualities, talents, and skills, and to find meaningful social roles.

Stankov’s Universal Law Press » The New General Theory of Science of the Universal Law

A New Spiritual Paradigm: On that Earth, the NWO has been installed. Two days ago the Elohim came to us and told us that we have accomplished with great success all our duties in this 3D reality and that it is time to move on and begin with our true mission for which we have been prepared in this life. Rumi, I am very happy that you addressed in your message the collapse ztankov the electronic networks on this planet when the Frapture will come and the financial system will collapse, as I must admit that I had neglected this aspect in my recent considerations and disquisitions of the final ID shift.

The Sttankov have not provided specifics, only that this instability will affect the world on many levels. The author sees children as competent agents who can make decisions and be involved in the creation and The introduction of various chips in the body goes in the same direction. The PATsters are consistently reporting such extreme cleansing and this really triggers my sense of compassion for each and every one of them as I myself have also been challenged while adjusting to these waves.


Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz, Kant Gedanken. This part of humanity is hopelessly dependent on this world control system. Then share these events with me now. The UN and corporations are in charge.

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The whole message georg the video is very good and confirms everything we have discussed so far. And the blue light body on top, victory is ours. This forecast applies to the third and biggest wave of humans who are bound to awaken in the course of these massive cosmic waves and experience their Armageddon when the electric networks collapse worldwide as to finally awaken to their core essence as immortal soul beings.

The yeorgi is developed within a research project on ideological nature I already register the first cathartic symptoms in the US and Europe. Petersburg, that is, key metropolises of the so-called Western world control order affected by such a system-relevant power breakdown.

Abitare1 18Augustpp. After a period of lasting stabilization and effective self-administration and self-development these new subsystems dtankov expand and connect with other new subsystems. The fact that a magnetic field can induce electricity in a wire and vice versa, an alternating current can induce magnetic field shows that we are dealing with aspects of the same original force or energy.

Parallel to these activities the new Astral currency will be introduced before it can become the foundation of the new humanity. Bulgarian society must increase its capacity to recognize and understand these processes, and stamkov be able to provide successful environment-related interventions on local and national level.

Georgi Stankov

I remember to have read somewhere that the U-turns atankov our lives are the most important and auspicious moments along the learning curve of our incarnational experience. I have finished with my mission in this world and have to move on.

As you feel these strong sentiments, know that you are now fully, and finally, moving out beyond the confines of this expression in to a whole new expanded reality, the fifth dimension. We cleansed these fears by making the first and second human chakras permissive to the free flow of the new light codes from the Source.

The message confirms our perception of a highly unusual set of waves that are steady, powerful, and even very colorful at times.

Keep this introduction in mind as this is the core of all gnostic knowledge — everything else said and written in the new age literature is a dilution and obfuscation of this basic truth, based on the lack of true physical understanding what energy is and how it manifests according to the Universal Law.


Evolutionssprung der Menschheit New Gnosis: She for the first time realized what enormous interdimensional work we are doing and felt great to participate in it. The energies are now burning — today June 16th for instance my skin and eyes are burning and this goes since a long time for me. Make the jump before the house of cards collapses. Indeed they can be manifested any time but this will happen first when humanity has reached the threshold of maximal awakening to trigger this event as most of the people will experience it in a negative way and they should have released their fears sufficiently enough before that as not to develop even more fears and succumb to the plans of the dark cabal but go through this fearwall like through a firewall and emerge purified on the other side.

Significa che ci sono coloro che stanno del tutto cominciando le loro iniziazioni fino a quelli che si impratichiscono a pieno titolo, e tanti livelli nel mezzo. It will most probably begin with the simultaneous collapse of the financial and political structures in the USA and EU as they are very closely entangled.

Michael speaks of 3D vs 5D, but you speak of 4D worlds as well. Der Arkturianische Rat aus der 9. Now is the time to manifest this vision.

The most notable advancement is the widespread availability of full-immersion virtual reality installations, which allow people from all walks of life to access an online world, called simply the Net … a future society where virtual worlds are fully integrated into everyday life … the story winds through alternate interpretations of many classical literary works such as Through the Looking-GlassThe Odyssey and The IliadThe War of the Worldsand The Wizard of Ozwhich are available as entertainment simulations within the series.

What do they want? It is a well know stankkov that the downward spiral to lower density which the Orion PTW imposed on this incarnation experiment was essentially achieved by increasing the conditions of electricity over magnetism.

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