The Gboko Limestone, Yandev, Benue State, Nigeria: Geology, Geochemistry and Industrial Potentials. Anuba Basil Ofulume, Sabinus. An overview of the geology and hydrogeology of Nigeria . The geology of Nigeria, as detailed in Kogbe (), is made up of three main rock. Buy Geology of Nigeria. by C. A. Kogbe (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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Interbedded claystones are generally massive and kaolinitic, whereas the interbedded grey shales geopogy frequently carbonaceous. However, in a country like Nigeria, where the temperatures do not niigeria regularly, constant elements such as relative humidity and rainfa ll are heavily relied on to differentiate between the season and climatic zones.

They occur as bands and lenses of banded and sometimes massive iron formation dipping between 21O and 85O and mostly conformable to the host rocks gneisses and amphibolities. In each locality, brine-springs, are closely associated with these structures and are seen to issue from the flanks of the anticlinoria.

We also visited the Makurdi sandstone, which is indurated and cross-bedded. These two minerals, barytes and lead-zinc, are associated with the brine springs. These rocks record three major geological events Rahaman and Lancelot, ; the earliest, at 2, Ma, involved initiation of crust forming processes e. The collapse of the Mid-Niger and Anambra platforms led to the sedimentation of the Upper Cretaceous depositional cycle commencing with the koggbe marine shales of the Campanian Nkporo and Enugu Formations which may have some lateral equivalents in the Lokoja Formation of the Bida Basin.


The Patti and Enagi Formations are overlain by the Agbaja and Batati Formations lateral equivalents of Upper Maastrichtian age These consist geolgoy oolitic, pisolitic and concretionar y ironstones deposited within a continental to shallow marine setting. Coal beds are usually found with shales and fine grained sandstones.

Tantalum, niobium and other metals occur with nieria tin and have been produced as by-products.

Edo, Lagos, Ondo, Ogun Over 30 lodes of lead-zinc with an aggregate length of about 7, m have been reported in the Nigerian lead-zinc field. Here there is nothing like the August break, therefore the two wet seasons become one. The centres normally overlap one another, and there is a general tendency for kobe southern shift in intrusion. This can lead to dual or multiple nomenclature and thus confusion. Sedimentation in the Anambra Basin thus commenced with the Campanian-Maastrichtian marine and paralic shales of the Enugu and Nkporo Formations, overlain by the coal measures veology the Mamu Formation.

The age of Araromi Formation is based on microfossils from the holo- and hypostratotype sections described by Okosun which indicate Campanian- late Paleocene while those in geplogy Abeokuta Formation gave ages of late Albian late Senonian. The sedimentary rock in this area is sandstone. Jogbe the hydrocarbon potential of the basin has not been fully tested with seismics and the basin remains undrilled, both ground and aeromagnetic studies by several workers have outlined the basin configuration Adeniyi, ; Udensi and Osazuwa, In the two occurrences at Ameri and Nyeba, the Nigerian Lead-Zinc Mining Company gave a conservative indicated ore reserve oftonnes with 9.


In the Ojo-1 Borehole, the interval —1, m which represents the Geolgoy Formation is Maastrichtian- late Paleocene. Find more nogeria about: The use of the names Ise and Afowo.

The deposition of the Ezeaku Formation is attributed to the beginning of marine transgression in the Late Cenomanian. These sediments have been formed in basins surrounded by older crystalline and volcanic rocks of the Basement Complex which may act as sources of uranium mineralization in these sediments. Soil fertility and management in Nigeria. Using Lineaments from Gravity Measurements.

Geology of Nigeria

The Benue Trough A. Cretaceous Sedimentary oolitic iron deposits around Agbaja, Kotoukarfi and Nsude areas.

Lead is used in the manufacture of cable coverings, pigments, storage batteries, solder, sheet lead and pipes, shot, and bearing metals. Jones and Hockey established the Abeokuta Formation for the Cretaceous sands, grits, clays and shale in the Nigerian sector.

Geology of Nigeria (Book, ) []

Would you also like to submit a review for this item? Other subsidiary lithologies include sandstone siltstone admixture with some claystones. Niobium or columbium, as it is nigera termed in America is a rare element with a high resistance to corrosion.

Students should take the course very seriously, so that they can get all information and exposures they needed to have about Nigeria.

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