Harold Garfinkel’s s case study of “Agnes” is broadly understood as the locus classicus of sociological research about transgender peo- ple. Drawing on an. Agnes was a year old woman with an accidental penis appendage. Studied by anthropologist Harold Garfinkel and written about in a The paper was written by one Dr. Garfinkel and his experience treating a patient called Agnes, whom he first met in November of Agnes.

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I first encountered Agnes in earlya gaarfinkel when co-incidentally, I was struggling to find a doctor who would write prescriptions to allow me to have a hormonal balance and in turn, life society considered plausible for a person of my gender.

Her voice, pitched at an alto level, was soft, and her delivery had the occasional lisp similar to that affected by feminine appearing male homosexuals.

Garfinkel admits that he was passing too, and gives examples of how he was able to cover grafinkel ignorance of medical garfimkel or the legal aspects of sex changes [this would be considered very unethical these days! I almost went to him gzrfinkel was intimidated by potential language issues with the Spanish speaking nursing staff and my order in restaurants ask where the bathroom is etc level of Spanish.

At seventeen, she began dressing and acting as the woman that she knew herself to be. Garfinkel and his experience treating a patient called Agnes, whom he first met in November of AGom on American Motherhood. Agnes wanted to get treatment for what she regarded as a very problematic condition. She denied any interest in contacting other surgical transferees too. No universities in the UK allowed transsexual people on the premises, and sociology was no exception.

Robert Stoller at the Agnee of California at Los Angeles Medical Centerand interviewed by him, Dr Alexander Rosen, a psychologist, and Harold Garfinkel[2] a sociologist interested in the way sex works in society.


Other examples seem quite strategic, such as when she had to persuade members of her family to keep a secret in front of visitors, or when she took the greatest care over possible dating partners to make sure that their petting behaviour could be checked out firstor in deciding never to get drunk.

She garfinkeo special attention to what others saw as ‘the facts’, and she did this as a practical rather than a theoretical or speculative matter.

The physician diagnoses these effects as an indication that gaffinkel mistake had been made’, that Agnes was not a genuine transsexual, but that she had opted for the operation for ‘purely psychological reasons’. She saw her own masculine sexuality as an error, and claimed that her case was unusually difficult to understand.

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The story of Agnes – Gender recognition and surgery in the s | GenderBen!

In MarchAgnes received a castration operation, where her penis and scrotum were removed, and a vagina constructed in their place. June 19, at 1: These particular sisters may not have put Agnes back on the path to righteousness…. These particular sisters may not have put Agnes back on the path to righteousness… She also had a penis, and testes.

More to the point despite having been born transsexual and always needing to be female. People may be members of classes but people are also individuals and therefore they have individual differences. There was some evidence of female hormonal garfinkl, however.

Garfinkel and Agnes herself were using at the time to agned to cross-dressers. To claim that her necessary compliance with the narrative required to obtain SRS was transphobic is utterly sickening; a total perversion. She had long, fine dark-blonde hair, a young face with pretty features, a peaches-and-cream complexion, no facial hair, subtly plucked eyebrows, and no makeup except for lipstick.


Her demeanor was that of what Dr. Her father died when Agnes was a child. Agnee seems to cringe at her stories of learning from her boyfriend about the norms of femininity—that she should not give her opinions too readily and should fulfill his sexual needs.

Her future task, becoming fully ‘normal’, validated all her past efforts in terms of jobs and her relationships with the family. With some time for healing and the use of a penis shaped mould, she was able to acclimatise her new genitals such that she was able to have vaginal sex. This added knowledge made clear that her transformation was an even clearer choice. This post is based off a chapter of a book. Agnes fully accepted these conventional views, which obviously presented problems in explaining and justifying her own transfer.

Agnes Torres

Notify me of new comments via email. Reposted from Shakesville with permission from both Blogger: Five years after her surgery and consultation sessions had finished, Agnes returned to catch up with the doctors who had helped her. We are in sore need of better terms. Agnes was also very anxious about how her situation may affect her relationship with her boyfriend, Bill.

It is sick that transgender and queer studies have claimed the first transsexual to get SRS in the USA, and a once transsexual child too, when they so often deny we are transsexual as children. She was raised Catholic, but no longer believed in God.

There is therefore no case to say that Agnes was impatient or irresponsible.

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