Using FxCop: A Short Tutorial. This section describes how to get up and running quickly with FxCop. While this is not the main focus of this. In this article I will discuss the integrated static code analysis tool (FxCop), introduced with Visual Studio Visual Studio code analysis. It has an graphical user interface () for interactive work, and a command-line tool () suited for use as part of.

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Support for creating custom rules. Once it is done, click on Analyze button and your screen will look like below: On the “Project defaults” tab, select the Excluded and Absent checkbox under the “Save Messages” group for reporting.

FxCop was developed by Microsoft and is available as a free download from their site. You can either fix the violation or suppress the violation.

All rule sets are uniquely identified by Tutirial value.

Add whatever dll that you want to do code analysis for, such as “xyz. For the developer this tool is very important and it’s good if you want to deliver good quality code to reduce maintenance effort or future issues.

Warning — Messages with this level are identifying issues in your code around maintainability, extensibility and stability. There are 2 tabs at the top of pane Targets and Rules.

After running code analysis on my test MVC application I found few code violation errors.

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How to Use FxCop – CodeProject

Pro Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud: Read about this change in our blog post. Now execute the step 2 and it won’t ask the another dll which is referenced in ProjectA. If you specify a directory, FxCopCmd tries to analyze all files that have the. Note Alternatively, download the extension directly from Visual Studio Marketplace. Rule Support tab – shows you more information about the rule itself. NET language that run on Xfcop. Choose the type you’d like to provide: After the rules selection, click the “Analyze” button in the toolbar.

Surprising Features Take You Beyond. He has with seven years of experience, holds Microsoft certifications in. Looking through the object model of FxCop is time well spent. Open Source Zone DevX: Or maybe you just resolved a certain issue tutlrial you want to see any other occurrence of it. Member 3-Apr 8: It shows you all the resources included in the assembly, all the namespaces in the assembly and for each namespace, all the types. This allows you to show some additional columns like when was the issue seen first time Created columnwhen was the issue seen last time Last Seen columnis this a new issue New columnetc.

Only Content controls are allowed directly in a content page that contains Content controls in sharepoint page layout. Certainty — Each message has a certainty in percent. This setting takes then effect for all future FxCop projects you create. After installation it will appear under program files in the start menu.

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How to Use FxCop. Right clicking on a type member, you can select from the “View IR” popup menu to show the IL code for this member. So you click on the specific rule which created the message and it allows you to fxvop and work through any other occurrence of that message.

Areas covered by FxCop are localization, performance, and security. It’s an OO world. Clicking on the Absent button on top of the message pane shows you all tutorixl resolved issues. Answer Make sure coding standards are followed such as naming conventions, globalization etc.

Step by step guide on how to use FxCop as well as integrate into Visual Studio. The code does what you intend it to do.

Install FxCop analyzers in Visual Studio

To see the details of a issue, click on it. There are a number of ways to do this. If you have any questions or concerns please e-mail me at fewlines4biju gmail. This rule splits the parameter name into tokens and checks any of these tokens equals to “uri”, “Uri”, “urn”, “Urn”, “url”, or “Url”. Each code analysis violation displayed in the error list contains detailed information on the violation, like code file name, project name, line number etc.

Now you just need to run FxCop.

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