overview standard sensors — Mannheim: Pepperl+Fuchs, [] — s. .. Kdo je kdo: osobnosti české současnosti: životopisů / [editor Michael Třeštík] Manažerská ekonomika / Miloslav Synek a kolektiv — 4. aktualiz. a rozš. vyd. , Výkladový slovník základních pojmů z oblasti udržitelného rozvoje. 2. říjen Cílem je vybudovat novou – sociálně, ekonomicky a energeticky udržitelnou městskou čtvrť Co si pod tímto pojmem máme představit? Veletržní palác (O. Tyl, J. Fuchs, –28) ukázal, že funkcionalismus je skutečným stylem doby – a pak už šlo . osobnost / personality ARCHITEKT / ARCHITECT. Jury: Christian Rattemeyer, Rainer Fuchs, Georg Schöllhammer, Ondřej Chrobák , .. který poukazuje na stádium vývoje umělecké osobnosti, otevřela veřejnosti dveře Výstava reflektovala různé podoby pojmu „transgender“ v dílech téměř .. je věnován diskusi o aktuálních politických, ekonomických a společenských.

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Fuchs, Kamil 1949-

osobnoosti It adopts a broad view of security and includes the analysis of threats to African state and its institutions as well as to individuals. Particular emphasis will be placed on the rigorous study and seminar discussions of selected case studies from across the continent using documentary and feature films as well as academic articles.

Nacionalismus a politika Argo, Praha Kissinger H. T3 Said, Edward W. Afrika — periferie, nebo semiperiferie? Policy in Postcolonial Africa: Four Case Studies in Conflict Resolution. Diskuse nad vztahy Afriky a EU: Another Emerging Power in the Continent? A New Development Paradigm?

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Africa and Fortress Europe: Chinese and African Perspectives on China in Africa. Decolonization and Its Impact: An Introduction to African Politics. Imperialism, Race and Resistance: Africa and Britain, Goldstein, Andrea a kol.


The Rise of China and India: What’s in it for Africa? Keohane, Robert a Nye, Joseph. World Politics in Transition. The State in Africa. Politics of the Belly. Endurance and Change South of the Sahara. University of California Press.

The Skull beneath the Skin. Africa after the Cold War. Chabal, Patrick a Deloz, J. Disorder as Political Instrument. The Politics of Suffering and Smiling. The Geopolitics of Resource Wars: Migration, Development and Environment. This course is focused on one of the most frequently evoked legacies of the Greek world — democratic form of political organization. What does it mean with respect to ancient Athens and how the Athenian form of political organization differs from modern democratic governments?

Are we allowed to talk about the democracy if we consider the exclusion of women, foreigners and slaves? Are there any apparent analogies between ancient and modern democracy, e.

These questions and similar ones are going to be both raised and answered in this course. About the use or abuse of history or how to study the Athenian democracy?

Who were the fathers of democracy? The Greek-Persian wars and the pojm of democratization. Power of the people or the rule of Pericles?

Athenian imperium and its relationship to allies and enemies. Greek Tragedy and Political Theory. Ancient Slavery and Modern Ideology. Democracy, Ancient and Modern. Ideas of Slavery from Aristotle to Augustine.

The Invention of Athens. The Children of Athena. The Greek Discovery of Politics.

Aristotle and Xenophon On Democracy and Oligarchy. Mass and Elite in Democratic Athens. Ekonomiw Dissent in Democratic Athens, Princeton Democracy and Knowledge, Innovation and Learning in classical Athens. Free Speech and Democracy in Ancient Athens. Modern Mythmakers and Ancient Theorists. Notre Dame Raaflaub, K. The Discovery of Freedom in Ancient Greece. Origins of Democracy in Ancient Greece. Berkeley Rhodes, P.


Ancient Democracy and Modern Ideology. Nothing to do with Dionysos? Models of Political Rhetoric in Democratic Athens. Plato and his predecessors, Methuen Dissent and Authority in Homer, Historiography and Tragedy. Oxford Bleicken, J: Politics in the Ancient World, Cambridge Notre Dame Schofield, Ppojmy.

Civilizace a kultury 7. Globalizace a integrace Los tres temas generales son los siguintes: Desde la colonia, pasando por el modelo de desarrollo hacia afuera, por le modelo de desarrollo hacia adentro y el neoliberalismo.

Principales problemas no resueltos: El Vivir bien y las realidades basadas en el extractivismo segundo y tercero bloque 1. La llegada al poder de Evo Morales 4. Plan Nacional de Desarrollo y el Vivir Bien 6. Los limites del cambio: Democracy and Neoliberalism in the Central Andes. University of Pittsburgh Press. Di Tella, Torquato S. New Brunswick a London: The Transition to Democracy in Latin America: The Role of pojmyy Military.

Westport, Connecticut a London: Hagopian, Frances, Mainwaring, Scott P. Frances Hagopian a Scott P. Cambridge University Press, 1— Democratic Transitions, Breakdowns, and Erosions.

Cambridge University Press, 14— Hagopian, Frances, Mainwaring Scott P eds. Cambridge University Press, — Latin America at the Crossroads.

Democracy in Latin America. Chronicle of a Death Foretold? Deteminism, Political Decisions, and Open Outcomes. Politics of Latin America: New York a Oxford: Development and Conflict since Second edition London, New York:

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