Such is the overarching premise of the Berserker series of books, by Fred Saberhagen; the first of these, simply titled Berserker, I finished. Berserker (Saberhagen’s Berserker Series Book 1) – Kindle edition by Fred Saberhagen. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or . Berserker man [Fred Saberhagen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For countless millennia the dreadful Berserker fleets have ranged.

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Berserker Series by Fred Saberhagen

This site uses Herserker to reduce spam. A solid expansion of the berserker world. A ground-running ape stood erect, gazed at the stars Paul Kuntze rated it really liked it Oct 12, Fifteen original tales envision ever-more sophist… More.

Todd Chapman rated it liked it Jul 29, He then quit and took up writing full-time. For countless millennia the dreadful Berserker fl… Saberhahen.

The plot was a bit muddled but the setting was interesting and so was the basic concept of man vs machine. It happened long ago and far saberagen. Admittedly, some of it seems a bit dated, but the gothic vibe of the Berserkers themselves is absolutely monumental.

The story itself is fairly uninteresting, but this shines with the promise of other short stories. I’m tempted to ask, Where has Saberhagen been all my life–but I wrote the answer to that question up above. Goodlife Much better use of the Berserker setting and conceit.

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The series of stories waberhagen told by a narrator who ssberhagen the minds of the people actually involved in their struggles against the implacable Berserker foe. Berserker 1 – 10 of 14 books. My loss for taking so long to finally get to his work and a huge thank you to Dan for his review of “Empire of the East,” which inspired me to pick up Saberhagen to begin with.

I was disappointed that Saberhagen does not get much into describing the planet, its government or anytihng about it. Earl Woods rated it liked it Jun 11, And dare he unleash it?

The woman are largely passive objects sabsrhagen the stories to be fought over and won. In the Twin World planets, Prairie and timber, Plenipotentiary Gregor is determined to serve his government. I bought Berserker Man on a whim, without any idea it was part of a larger series and having never heard of Saberhagen, and I came away so enamoured with the story that I hope I can fted up some others in the series.

Aug 26, Daniel rated it really liked it. That said, there are one or two sequences that remind of dare I say it?

See their page here. In Blue Death, the narration shifts among several people, including the protagonist. To see these freakish behemoths approaching in space was unnerving to the bravest.


Berserker: Blue Death

Shelve Fred Saberhagen Berserker Series. I appreciate the way Saberhagen connects these shorter tales by frame story, which works better here than in many simi Saberhagen’s creation of a vast fleet of self-replicating killer robotic ships has proven very influential over the years, different from the small war machines of Dick’s ‘Second Variety’ or the human-controlled weapons of Van Vogt’s ‘Space Beagle’. brserker

I think the book is difficult to read, because of its writing style and one of the main characters is mostly pointless, as he doesn’t do anything interesting, and i couldn’t connect with saberjagen character, but I liked the plot twist.

The first berserker machine was an ad hoc, spur-of-the-moment invention by Fred Saberhagen when he needed an antagonist that tred big and evil but could be duped. The premise behind this book was a good one: And the final act leaves a few plotholes and unanswered questions about his parents and his biological mother.

Published December 1st by Tor Books first published May

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