Select your version of FortiOS to see all available recipes: The Fortinet Cookbook contains step-by- step examples of how to integrate. The basic FortiGate network collection is intended to help you.

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Complete the options, and click OK. If you have not done so already, download FortiClient from www. It also shows the host name of the primary FortiGate Masterwhich you can hover over to verify that the cluster is synchronized and operating normally. The step-by-step instructional posts and videos that are offered makes it a valuable tool in our office.

However, if the primary FortiGate becomes unavailable, traffic should fail over and the backup FortiGate will process traffic. The user is connected to the VPN. After all, first you want to make sure that you can connect to things before the access is limited for policy reasons. The profiles The first thing you are likely to notice is that all of the Security Profile options that you would normally see in the configuration window will no longer be displayed. If you wish to block these computers from being on the network entirely, further action will be necessary.

This example uses weighted load balancing set up so that one primary ISP handles most of your Internet traffic, and the secondary ISP provides automatic failover if your primary ISP connection fails.

Change settings if needed and reboot the unit. From the CLI you will be able to see what processes are using the most resources. Victoria Martin Technical Writer at Fortinet. Add new hard disks with a total size greater than 16 TB to FortiAnalyzer.

  AISC 1999A PDF

This recipe shows you how to set-up an SSL VPN tunnel to allow remote users to access resources on the internal network. Enter a Name and select OK. Claim or contact us about this channel. For more information on best practices and or any solutions that might assist we would love to hear from you. Filter the results to show denied traffic. Console Text Do you see a console message?

Once the learning policy has been active sufficiently long enough to collect some useful information, reports built from the analyzed logs can be viewed in an area of the Log and Reporting session set aside specifically for these reports. Did the reboot fix the problem? A failover also causes the primary and backup FortiGate to reverse roles, even fkrtigate both FortiGates are available again.

Since the backup FortiGate is not available, when you save the HA configuration, the primary FortiGate will form a cluster of one FortiGate but will keep operating normally. As part of your maintenance plan set aside some time for relearning what traffic is going through your policies so that you can update your policies accordingly.

Complete FortiGate Cookbook – Fortinet Cookbook

This recipe shows you how to configure port forwarding to allow connections from the Internet to reach a server located behind your FortiGate. Connect the backup FortiGate to the primary FortiGate and the network, as shown in the network diagram at the top of the recipe. Traffic is now passing through the primary FortiGate.


Reconfigure FortiGate to send logs to the temporary FortiAnalyzer unit.

The firmware installs onto both the primary and backup FortiGates. Java is required for an Foftigate connection. Adding FortiManager to a security fabric. Confirm the settings on the completion screen and then click Finish.

Find this recipe for other FortiOS versions: Select Customize Port and set it to Increase storage capacity for the FortiAnalyzer unit.

The basic FortiGate network collection is intended to help you go from having an unboxed FortiGate to a functional network that includes wired connections, WiFi, and remote access. Use the CLI to view a list of the most system-intensive processes.


In order to be an effective system administrator it helps to have current and actual data to base decisions on. Make it a policy to learn before configuring policies. Create a group named WiFi. Looking for better productivity and reduced risk with your FortiGate but unsure where to look for help?

Latest posts by Victoria Martin see all Episode Replace the power adapter. FortiToken licenses can be added at any time because they are synchronized to all cluster members. Victoria Martin Technical Writer at Fortinet.

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