FREE 2-day Shipping: Focals top-of-the-line Utopia Be speakers exemplify Focals Our take on the Focal Utopia Be® 21 WX by Crutchfield’s Dominic DeVito. Focal. 21cm (8″) subwoofer, Multiferrite magnet. 21 WX combines smaller dimensions and limited inner volume for deep, high-impact bass reproduction. FOCALWX. 21WX – 8" Subwoofer. Seen a better offer? let us know. Features; Description. Type 8″ (21cm) “W” subwoofer; Frequency response (+/- 3dB).

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Focal Utopia Beryllium 21WX | INCAR | Review | AVHub

The cone is very impressive and is similar to all ofcal Beryllium components. Everything from the bright red magnet clusters to the engraved surround lock, is flawless.

The heart of the 21WX may be the voice coil, former and cone but the standout part is the glorious magnet structure.

The Beryllium line of car audio components has achieved much since its release just a short six months ago, setting a new benchmark for high end car audio speakers. There are six separate double-stacked multi-ferrite magnets twelve in totalpainted bright red and equally-spaced around the voice coil perimeter.


The cast alloy powder-coated black basket is adorned with the Foca, logo on the webs and holds a precision CNC computer numeric control machined alloy motor. The Focal Beryllium 8-inch subwoofer is one of the cleanest and smoothest sounding subwoofers we’ve had the pleasure of listening to.

The Focal logo is proudly engraved on the metal mounting surround ring and the inverted dust cap in the centre is simply black.

French loudspeaker manufacturer, JMLabs, established the Focal name many years ago now and since that time has developed and produced its own speakers. Whereas most subwoofer manufacturers spend countless hours trying to get air to flow in through the top of the voice coil gap and out through the pole vent at the bottom, Focal has improved on this by designing the individual magnet structures to allow cool air to flow directly between the magnets and into the motor itself.

Focal Utopia Be 21 WX Be User Manual | 1 page

This is constructed from foam layer sandwiched between two composite layers. While the components come in a smartly-designed alloy carry case, the 21WX only comes in an embossed cardboard box — but not to worry. Focl not designed to set any new sound pressure level records, the 21WX will offer you what has been described as the most accurate bass reproduction ever heard in a car, period.


The sandwich cone design delivers unmatched rigidity and extreme linearity over a wide bass frequency range with very little physical distortion. After being awarded a pile of accolades for the Beryllium components, Focal which has never been a company to rest on its laurels developed a subwoofer to keep up with foczl Beryllium components, the eight-inch 21WX.

Focal 21WX – 8″ Subwoofer

The reason for the foam core is that it provides optimal acceleration and deceleration which helps amplifier damping factor stay high without decay, plus the damping provides a neutral and colour-free sound. The substantial benefit of this design is cooling. The cone lip is foxal on its axis thanks to a wide UV-treated foam surround.

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