How to Use This Manual. Licensing v and FLEXlm versions through The FLEXnet Licensing Programming and Reference Guide is for. The Software was developed fully at private expense. All other use is prohibited. Book Name: FlexNet Publisher R3 () License Administration Guide. This manual explains FLEXlm for administrators and end users and describes The FLEXlm Programmers Guide and FLEXlm Reference Manual are for.

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In addition, in alternative embodiments, the commuter authorization lifetime and the check-in value are communicated from follower server C to the other license servers 14 in the server pool and stored in memory so that even if follower server C should go down, the other license servers 14 in the server pool can take over the management of the issued commuter programmere.

It is hard to know who are using Origin. Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8. If the primary server cannot be reached by a user, for example, because the primary server has crashed or otherwise gone down, the user may then communicate with a backup server to obtain an authorization message. Origin and higher version concurrent network package requires FLEXnet server version FAQ Does my computer always need an internet connection to run?

Help Online – License – FLEXnet Server Setup for Windows

License Administration Tools 1. Each client computer 12 preferably includes a suitable processor and associated transient memory, such as a RAM, for running a protected software program. The client computer may then use the protected software while coupled to or decoupled from the communication network until the commuter authorization lifetime expires.

Each license code 26in one example embodiment, comprises a string of data relating to license policy and the software program to which the license policy applies. Summary License Administration Tools 1.

However, in alternative embodiments the IP addresses may be stored in a record associated with the license codes However, if an progrzmmers number of allocations are available, in preferred embodiments follower server C may then issue a borrow request in an attempt to borrow an gujde allocation from another license server Download the zip file above, extract the files in a directory and run the Setup program appropriate for your host: In contrast, pinging is disabled when a client computer 12 receives a commuter authorization from a license server V3, Julp.


In further alternative embodiments only a single license server is required for issuing commuter authorizations. The linked software program 50 and client library 52 are then loaded onto a client computer Alternatively, the protected program may remain in persistent memory 18 until and unless the server computer communicates an authorization signal to the shell program or library of API functions.

US6968384B1 – License management system and method for commuter licensing – Google Patents

FAQ I am qualified for auto-upgrade. Thus, as illustrated in FIG. Another attribute of the RLF 24 is the distribution of the allocations across all the license servers Protected software may include, but is not limited to, for example, a software program, such as a word-processing program, a graphics program, a computer game, etc. FAQ Does my computer always need an internet connection to run?

Flexlm Licenses manager – Siemens PLM Community –

However, if all licenses are stored and managed in a single license server, failure of that server can result in a failure of the entire license management system. The commuter authorization lifetime 56 and the check-in value 58 are stored in persistent memory in the license server FAQ I have registered Origin.

The communication, or pinging, that occurs programmwrs a client computer 12 that has received a network authorization from a license server 14 is described in a felxlm U. Why do I see this message and what can I do to solve it?

Referring again to FIG. When a license server 14 receives a request for a commuter authorization, the license server 14under the control of the license management software 22responds to the request by looking at its distribution table 36 to fledlm whether it has an available allocation for Application v1.


A system as recited in claim 1the at least one license server is further programmed for granting a commuter authorization to the requesting client computer and decrementing a count of available allocations only if there is an available allocation in the at least one license server. A system as recited in claim 1the requesting client computer being programmed for enabling a user to select the commuter authorization lifetime.

Further assume that the hard limit of allocations for the software program Application v1. The user then enters this information into the utility, which decodes and provides this information to the client library 52 linked to the requested software program There is some mismatch between your installed Origin version or serial number, and that of the FLEXnet license service Check with your Origin administrator.


System for installing information related to a software application to a remote computer over a network. Moreover, if the environment is such that computers having the special hardware device are not located in secure facilities, then unauthorized users may be able to access the protected software by using the non-secure computer in which the special hardware device is installed.

A system as recited in claim 5wherein if the commuter authorization is not returned prior to an expiration of the commuter authorization lifetime, at the expiration of the commuter authorization lifetime: The leader server always maintains a global picture of the current distribution of allocations within every license server 14 the server pool.

A user desiring to obtain a commuter authorization for a particular client computer 12 disconnected from the network first invokes a utility which generates fingerprint information 60 for the client computer

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