Stephen Sondheim has won seven Tonys, an Academy Award, seven Grammys, a Pulitzer Prize and the Kennedy Center Honors. His career. Written By Stephen Sondheim. Cover By. Finishing the Hat (From “Sunday in the Park with George”) by Josh Groban · Finishing the Hat by Kelli O’Hara. “A printed collection [of lyrics],” says Stephen Sondheim at the beginning of Finishing the Hat, “is a dubious proposition.” Indeed: like making a.

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This book is filled with humor, controversy, stories about talented and glamorous people and, above all, life.

D If you’re a Sondheim fan read this book. Other books in the series. To style this generous coffee-table-ish book, in part, “Grudges, Whines and Anecdotes” may have been a little too self-deprecating, but in so doing, Sondheim did grant himself leave to digress, which he does upon occasion.

This book is a master class in writing, and I can’t wait for part 2! Preview — Finishing the Hat by Stephen Sondheim.

finishung I dutifully ordered the book from the library, though — this is Sondheim we’re talking about, after all. I secretly hope he’s got another show in him before he leaves this earth.

The amount of cut songs in here is mind-blowing. Reading this book, as opposed to scanning this book, opens windows of insight into the career and the personality of one of America’s treasures. Finishing the Hat is to a large extent an appraisal of that tradition and his place within it. Poems are written to be read, silently or aloud, not sung Right now, I have a library copy, but it’s clear that I’m going to have to buy my own.


Finishing the Hat: Collected Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim – review

It’s man devouring man, my dear! Lovett, and desperate measures are called for! Anyone who can toss off lines as clever as: The anecdotes—filled with history, pointed observations and intimate details—transport us back to a time when theater was a major pillar of American culture.

If you know the author’s voice, you can almost hear him narrating it. Urban loneliness, self-deceptions within relationships, the fear of commitment — no one had ever expected to hear about those sorts of things in a musical.

It is entirely typical of Sondheim that in writing a book of such apparently narrow focus, he should have produced a work of vast breadth and scope. House Democrats introduce plan to reopen government. Knopfand is pages.

Finishing the Hat – Wikipedia

I appreciated that he sets the groundrules up front, and follows them throughout. If you would like to write a letter to the editor, please forward it to letters globeandmail. The last it smiles It smiles for them, The others, The rememberers, The truly silly people.

For lyricists, it a primer. Sondheim’s works are sufficiently self-similar that they have been successfully re-assembled into multiple reviews, at least two of which, Marry Me a Little and Putting it Togetherhave complete books with plots unrelated to the songs’ original settings. Books are reviewed by writers, the visual arts by disappointed, if knowledgeable, painters and art students, concert music by composers and would-be composers Far from being “just” the lyrics, the book has a wealth of material about the songs, the productions, and musical theater in general.


This is why “The Pied Piper” has never been set well: We’ll not discriminate great from small! If buying new, the canny consumer can usually get a discount if the two vols.

Finishing the Hat: Collected Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim – review | Stage | The Guardian

How gratifying for once to know BOTH: Maybe for a lark. He writes as he is, a c What does it mean, to make art? Refresh and try again. For what’s the sound of the world out there? There is tons of good finishint advice packed in here, and a lot of fascinating critical self-dissection along the lines of that Community post-mortem Dan Harmon did in the AV Club. While I don’t dare dispute that good works te be found to adhere to articulatable principles and that craft can be found in the consistent application of those principles, I guess I would take issue with Sondheim’s view that there is an invariable, RIGHT way to compose lyrics, music, or what-have-you.

Oct 26, Pages. I know almost all of the tidbits included with the lyrics, but if you’re just a casual fan of musicals, you probably don’t know them and many are amusing.

One can’t read this and ever look at or listen to a lyric again without a more critical and appreciative eye and ear. Is it really good? bat

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